The Floral Artist

The Floral Artist

Mixing it up
for the birthday basket,
flowers, and what have you.

Creating desire
in the single,
long-stemmed rose.

Matching the occasion
weddings, parties any
blooming thing.

Mending fractures
with mixed bouquet and feelings,
after the falling out.

Meeting expectations
with boutonnière formality
and corsage constraints.

Wakening us to the clock
with crafted funeral flowers –
a limit to style and colour.

22 thoughts on “The Floral Artist

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    1. You have hit the nail on the head Benedicte and have summarised something which I hadn’t even seen on writing the poem – but which is there nonetheless – thanks (and have a virtual easter egg).

  1. the many feelings inspired by and meant in the giving of flowers, overflowing with color and emotion,
    like the basket in your still life photo. you have such a unique way of seeing things gabrielle!
    i will see flowers in a new way now thank you!

  2. Flowers and floral arrangements really do run the gamut of emotions. A floral artist certainly encounters the highs and the lows of life. Funnily enough, I usually remember the flowers from occasions such as weddings rather than dresses or food. It is almost as if the flowers somehow capture the emotions being expressed. I really like the ‘weddings, parties any blooming thing’ line!

  3. “any blooming thing”, “mixed bouquet and feelings”, “corsage constraints” and “limit to style and colour” – very enjoyable play with words, Gabrielle

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