Bargara Beach, Queensland

Just got back from a short family holiday at Bargara beach – about an hours drive North from us and the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

We had good weather and bad weather!

I haven’t actually seen the Great Barrier Reef but intend to one day soon before it disappears.

There is 100 percent agreement among climate scientists that human activity is contributing to global warming.

Climate scientists may disagree about specific effects (eg., will cyclones increase in number, will sea levels rise and by how much) but on that basic and fundamental principal they all agree – despite what you may have read on the internet and heard from shock jocks on the radio.

Global warming will have a catastrophic effect on the reef. An increase of a couple of degrees in temperature may not sound like a lot but it will effectively destroy this natural wonder of the world. It will result in severe mass coral bleaching and threaten the habitat of key reef species.

We all need to take action on climate change before it is too late. There is not much time left.

Enjoy your Easter everyone and may peace be with you 🙂

peace, shalom, chill,

25 thoughts on “Back from Bargara

  1. The impact of global warming is chanaging and will continue to change the world we know….thanks for address the issue in your post…have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Bargara is a beautiful place at the northern end of Hervey Bay and the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, so it does have beaches.
    Timely warning on coral bleaching. But there is dead coral in the Coorong, so it does migrate with temperature change.
    The question then is; over what time scale? A: Tens of thousands of years.
    Then we have acidification that will ‘melt’ coral. Q: Over what time scale?
    A: Tens of years.
    Queensland, whose east coast is protected from Pacific Ocean swells by the reef will then be exposed. Q: Then why did Queensland sign up allow the sale of 350 million tonners of coal and millions of tons of coal seam gas per year?
    A: Because we the voters don’t really believe it is happening. If we did, we would be manning the barricades at Tara!
    Note: In March, Germany (the wealthiest nation and Greenest nation in Europe) elected its first Green Party to government in the state of Baden-Württemberg and now has the first Green ‘Premier’ in the world.
    That gives me hope while Abbott gives me the shits!

    1. Yes I am impressed with the German situation, and in regard to nuclear facilities – some sense left in the world. Thanks Stafford – we are talking decades left for the reef in we don’t make a radical change in regard to carbon emissions – scary stuff hey! Tony Abbott is a complete twat!

  3. And I forgot to mention that all that exported gas, that will cause so much destruction, is being sold to the public as a creator of jobs. Q; How many jobs?
    A: Post construction, one thousand. That’s about as many as your average tourist village of which there are hundreds, all to be crucified so we can continue to sin against nature.
    That’s OK, we will all be resurected on the third day!

  4. Welcome back 🙂 I love that pic of the clouds rolling in over the sea. We sail in the Whitsundays every couple of years and coral bleaching is pretty evident on the dives 😦 Have a good Easter

    1. Sailing sounds wonderful – coral bleaching – horrible – acid oceans – even worse 😦 fellow blogger Stafford is a sailor too bb – or so he says – haha – large old yacht off the shores of the Sunshine Coast.

  5. Great post, Gabrielle.

    To me the climate change issue is a very logical one: either the world is warming up of its own accord, which means we can’t do much about it and we’re stuffed; or human activity is causing the world to warm, which means we can and should do something about it.

    What’s even more basic is that we should be reducing our carbon pollution to ameliorate the negative health impacts.

    So why then won’t governments do something about it? Because we’re only interested in the short term, not the long term.

    Pity, cos the world’s quite a nice place really, isn’t it.

    1. I like it a lot Nigel 🙂 but sometimes think the planet would be better off without any humans. The thing about the planet warming up on its own is that it usually takes thousands of years to change climate and that gives time to evolve and adjust. We are changing things so fast it makes your head spin -thousands of years to make oil and a few decades to use it up! Governments want every country but their own to make changes – they don’t want anything coming in the way of profits, the almighty stock market and so-called progress.

  6. I have been to the Barrier Reef a few times and it took my breath away. The colours were extraordinary. That it is highly likely it will turn pale and die absolutely kills me. That future generations might never see it….I can’t even talk. Imagine a world where things that were vibrant with colour are now colourless – that is worse than experiencing an apocalypse. It is just so incredibly sad.

    Peace to you this Easter, Gabrielle. And to your beautiful family XX

    1. The reef is so magical isn’t it! It is incredibly sad and humans are incredibly short-sighted. We think we are so civilised and advanced but the indigenouse Aborigines lived in greater harmony with the planet than we ever will. We have not advanced an iota over the past century, imo. Peace to you Selma and don’t forget the easter egg hunt – haha.

    1. Wow, what a coincidence! It is a very family friendly place and some really safe swimming spots – they also have a huge turtle on the main drag, which kids can play in (it’s fairly new) – I really want to see the sea turtles laying their eggs at Mon Repos but we were to late this year. We are very relaxed (what is this strange, new feeling -haha).

  7. Oh it looks a lovely place! Yes it is terrifying that we are doing such damage to the planet that future generations won’t see the great Barrier Reef.

    As to climate change and lower temperatures, in some places (eg northern Europe) climate change may lead to lower temperatures as the Gulf Stream (which brings warm water from near the equator up to places like Scotland) is moving, when that happens our temperatures will go roght down. We’ve had two very cold winters, which may be due to this, or may be due to atmospheric changes (also related to climate change) so it’s not straight forward, which is probably another reason why politicians aren’t acting. Though i agree with you, the scientific consensus is that climate change is happening, so we should be mitigating against it getting worse

    Crafty Green Poet

    1. Thanks Juliet. It is certainly not straightforward (and people have a tendency to want simple explanations and predictions don’t they) – thanks for the further information on the Gulf Stream.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful trip away … I’m sure it’s a beautiful part of the state! 🙂

    PS. I’m SO with you on the climate change front.

  9. What incredible scenery. I can’t imagine driving anywhere in an hour and arriving to find anything even close. I’m racking my brain doing the “hour long drive” map quest in my mind, plotting destinations and coming up zip.

    The closest I can come to it is the Bay Bridge in Annapolis, Maryland, crossing the Chesapeake Bay going to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I could theoretically get to that part of the Chesapeake in an hour by zooming eastward on Route 50 (especially by applying the pedal to the metal). But even that cannot compare, not even with its beach rife with silvery little flapping fishes (gull snacks).

    Australia looks like Paradise.

    1. Thanks for the geography lesson Aletha – I will soon be able to track down your exact ‘secret’ location – haha. We do live in a lovely part of the world, though I am sure that you have equally spectacular scenery throughout the USA.

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