Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, it has been a very busy week – hardly time to sit down.

But now I have a moment.

Fellow blogger Tracey Sargent has recently tagged me with the ‘versatile blogger award’. Thanks Tracey 🙂

The ‘rules’ of the award are to share seven facts about yourself and to pass on the award to some other worthy recipients. It is not compulsory, but if you want to play along, I tag: Benedicte, Aletha, Querulous Squirrel, Val, Selma, Adeeyoyo, tipota, beebluescreamish, Thomma Lyn, Maxine, Rachel, 47whitebuffalo and Crafty Green Poet. Yes, they are all females 🙂 I’m in a feminist mood today – haha.

Here we go:

1. I dream a great deal and remember many of my dreams (I have also been know to sleep talk, sleep walk, sleep attack …).

2. I have 5 very spoilt free-range Chinese Silky chickens called Pompadour, Vegemite, Henny-Penny, Ms Eagle, and Snowy.

3. I wanted to be a pilot when I was a girl and considered joining the Air Force because you got free flying lessons (and thankfully changed my mind).

4. I also wanted to be an actor and did a drama major at Uni but realised I didn’t have what it takes (that would be talent – haha).

5. I once won a Holden Monaro playing the card game of Guts (I have told this story before) but took pity on the boy and just took money in lieu of his beloved vehicle.

6. My boss in the Health Department wanted to send me home from work (when we were being visited by the Minister – Peter Beattie, at the time) because I made the place look bad – in my black lace up boots. I told him to get over it.

7. I have an ASIO file.

36 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I love the names of your chickens, wonderful! Oh and thanks for tagging me!

    Crafty Green Poet

  2. This is very kind of you as I have been thinking of my blog lately as “scattered” and versatile is such a much nicer description. I’ll have to think about it as I tend to be non-compliant with awards and memes, yet I do so appreciate it. Must have something to do with my “versatility.”

  3. Sleep attack! Sounds like there’s a story in that one. Throw in the ASIO file and you’ve got a thriller. And of course you’ve got to throw in the Silky chickens as well (I wrote a poem dedicated to Pompadour, you’ll recall). I’m not sure what you’ve got at that point. Life I suppose–> an interesting one.

  4. thanks Gabe for tagging me but as you know I am bad at writing…since I red your post and try to think at 7 worth to know facts about me, my mind goes blank blank blank…
    Black lace up boots? In Australia? Is there some pictures?
    gros bisous to you and Pompi and friends.

    1. Thanks Ben – you just want to maintain your mysteriousness 😉 I will search my photos for the boots – I wore them constantly (the heat doesn’t bother me – my core body temperature is 2 degrees below the average 😉 ) Gros bisous to you too!

      1. Statistically speaking, poets and writers picked up “sans hésitation” your challenge and visual artists (2) declined…I hate statistics but sometimes they do say something.
        I am still thinking…

        1. No pressure Benedicte (though I’d love to know more about you – I’m just a big sticky beak and love a good story – and everyone has a good story if they live long enough) 🙂

  5. ha ha, good fun gabrielle. i love that you told the boss to ‘get over it’. i took up the challenge, in the sbt’s 300th (yikes) post

  6. Three things:

    1. I love you for this

    2. I will do it

    3. I want to know what’s in that ASIO file and as I had a wanted poster of myself in Walmart and in Times Square etc I think you can safely share this top secret info with me. 😉 Of course, you could be saying you were part of the intelligence set which of course makes this an entirely different discussion altogether.

  7. Congratulations on being very versatile — and thanks for the tag, but I must demur — I’m not quite sure that seven facts even exist about me. I am a very one-dimensional person.

    In contrast, each of your seven facts would make a fascinating poem all by itself. I look forward to seeing the enlargement of these facts in future postings!

  8. An ASIO file? I didn’t know you were so street and ghetto. And black lace-up boots causing mayhem in the office? What a cool chick. Haha.

    Seriously, you are one of the most versatile bloggers I know. I really like that in a writer, it’s a bit like jazz – lots of improvisation on the go. Shows you can think outside the box and I do think it is the outside the box thinkers who will save the world. You rock, woman!

    And thanks for including me in the tag. I will join in!

  9. “6. My boss in the Health Department wanted to send me home from work (when we were being visited by the Minister – Peter Beattie, at the time) because I made the place look bad – in my black lace up boots. I told him to get over it.”

    Classic. That says so much about you (I assume). Funny how so few words can give a writer/character away!

    1. You never know Ashley – you may have an ASIO file as well (want me to check – haha). When I was younger (and hopefully not now) I was renowned for my nightly travels and occasionally attacking the unsuspecting – my sister woke with me attacking her leg (this is true – I used to have a recurrent nightmare I was a werewolf eating humans 😉 )

      1. Really? Hmmm…I wonder? Poets are pretty dangerous, I guess. Or at least, if I could write decent social/political commentary kinda pieces, maybe!

        Wow! And were you actually biting her leg? Your poor sister? So you don’t have the dream any more?

        1. I think I was trying to eat her leg Ashley – haha (the hazards of sharing a bedroom with your siblings). I don’t have that dream anymore – I have got my inner wolf under control – a few months back I had a dream that I was being circled by a wild wolf, but I pushed it to the ground with great force.

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