31 thoughts on “The Sculptor

  1. Have you ever tried sculpting? It is like that. You take off the bits that shouldn’t be there, like removing scabs. And as Monty Python said: “That’s how it’s done and next week we wil learn brain surgery!”

  2. I thought it was Michaelangelo who said he just removed the stone around the figure… or something like that…

    Anyway, I love the way you’ve expressed it!

    1. It probably was Michelangelo adeeyoyo – I think it is a common belief (a bit like the belief in a muse) – I just love the idea of the final statue being underneath the rough rock or slab of marble and waiting patiently for the sculpture to come along 🙂

  3. You have transformed your blog with a new look, and that wonderful bird is perched very nicely in this new setting.

    The less-is-more quality of this poem is very keen — sharply sculpted indeed.

    1. Thanks Aletha – that is only half of the bird shot, but it doesn’t look half bad – haha. We have just had some more baby Gouldian’s – I must blog about them soon 🙂

  4. After seeing that Doctor Who episode that was on ages ago about the stone angels that came to life I have been obsessed with the sculptures appearing on public buildings in the city. There are heaps of them and a lot of them have a religious connotation. Sometimes their faces look really sad. It is as if they wish to be free – so your image of the form locked in stone really spoke to me.

    1. I’ll be doing that now Selma 😉 – checking out all the statues. There are some fairy tales like that too – of humans and animals turning into stone under spells, and that sort of thing.

    1. I like this beach look too 🙂 though there a couple of formatting things I’m not too keen on (like only one column down the side) but you can’t have everything. Thanks Tracey.

  5. yeah. aloha i mean. aloha Gabrielle. i too like this work a lot. i read the comments referencing Michelangelo. before i read them your poem evoked memories of his work tho. specifically work i saw of his that was not finished. that work floored me. the figures twice life size, emerging from standing stone blocks. it felt like each one of them could simply finish stepping out of the stone on their own and fling off the clinging bits that were sticking like soft mud to their fingers. you caught this same feeling – as if poetess/poet simply unlocked meaning by flinging down words across paper. way cool. aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick – it would be so amazing to see the statues you refer to! I am in awe of the talent of these artists. I love your description of the unfinished statue flinging off the clinging bits 🙂

      1. yw. Gabrielle – i have some (old) slides i took of those statues at the time – but i havnt figured out my slide reader yet altho i tried it a few times a while ago on my new scanner. if i get that figured out i may have to look some of those old slides up… they dont do well in the atmosphere here. so a lot of them have gone… blekch. ..of course i may be remembering the statures better than the slides turned out anyway. bwahahahahahaha. i may have to post some retro stuff on my blog. . . some day. ha. aloha.

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