Say No to nuclear!

The news just seems to be getting worse for the people of Japan, following the huge earthquake and tsunami of last week. It just breaks your heart to watch the footage and to know there is so little you can do to help.

The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan has highlighted some of the dangers inherent in harnessing nuclear energy. Jeff Sparrow (editor of Overland jounal) outlines some of the other issues in an excellent post on the Overland blog. Follow this link to read his article.

Nuclear power is not the simple solution to climate change that people would have you believe. There are dangers at every level of its production and disposal and not much is happening to address these issues. Can we trust Governments and large corporations around the planet to put in the resources to cover every potential hazard. Companies can’t even drill for oil safely!

We need to look for alternative clean energy sources, but we need to be committed to that course of action and that means putting huge resources into research and developement of these alternatives. Not just thinking – ‘oh, we’ll just go nuclear’ and making shallow, fragmented gestures to appease the green movement. We can do this, we just have to want to do this (and it would appear that most people in power don’t want to go down the clean, green but no nuclear path).

18 thoughts on “Say No to nuclear!

  1. I agree totally. Nuclear power has a hidden very large carbon footprint that too many people choose to ignore, it has huge potential dangers and the uranium will eventually run out just as coal and oil will. We need to commit fully to genuine renewable energies, invest in efficiencies and conservation measures and also reduce our consumption. Big challenges all round

    Crafty Green poet

  2. The great ecological ‘hope’ that some people place in nuclear power has always worried me. Until we can guarantee the safety and efficiency of the entire lifecycle of nuclear energy, it offers little real alternative in my opinion.

    I agree with you Gabrielle, much more R&D needs to be done and many more dollars need to be spent to find real solutions.

    • Thanks Tracey – I think a lot of the people who develop and push this technology forget about the unreliability of human nature (the tendency to wars, aggression, terrorism) and nature (earthquakes etc.,) – if we lived in a bubble of certainty regarding these things, than nuclear would be just fine, but we don’t and never will.

    • Go ahead and use it squirrel – I just did a google search on ‘say no to nuclear’ images and there were heaps – I don’t usually take images, but I was sure whoever developed it wouldn’t mind πŸ˜‰ as they are trying to spread the message. You inspired me to blog on it squirrel – thanks.

  3. I wonder how many of the safety flaws are due to the ‘low bidder’ concept of construction of the facilities…or just plain greed in compromising safety for profit.;-(

  4. My vote is for geothermic & wind turbine power. People can make as many promises as they want on nuclear power & it’s safety,but its side effects are too great, & no one can guarantee it.

    • That’s right Jane. I think geothermic has great potential (along with solar, wind, hydro) but I also think there will be solutions we haven’t even developed yet (like a solar catchment system from satellites – who knows – one thing is for sure, we’ll never know if all the money is diverted into the development of nuclear facilities).

  5. It is very hard to watch a disaster that strikes far off. And we know about a lot of things that formerly people would never know. So many storms and trials that we learn about in real time, and it’s hard to process such very unnatural information. But the people of Japan will get through this. It will be legend with them someday, the ways that they braved these events. And without understanding the why, we need to realize that they will get through it.

  6. It’s awful, just awful. I am so sad about it. Terrified, really. The damage a meltdown could do is just mind-boggling. Why anyone would seriously be in favour of nuclear power just blows my mind. One of my friends has a mother who is a nuclear physicist and she was on the team sent to clean up Chernobyl. Some of her stories have made me feel like throwing up. Worse than any nightmare. I pray every day we will eventually see sense when it comes to energy. I don’t want anyone I know to be faced with the possibility of an apocalypse. And I know this sounds a little melodramatic but I get emotional about this subject – our world is so beautiful, why do we seek to destroy it???

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