The news just seems to be getting worse for the people of Japan, following the huge earthquake and tsunami of last week. It just breaks your heart to watch the footage and to know there is so little you can do to help.

The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan has highlighted some of the dangers inherent in harnessing nuclear energy. Jeff Sparrow (editor of Overland jounal) outlines some of the other issues in an excellent post on the Overland blog. Follow this link to read his article.

Nuclear power is not the simple solution to climate change that people would have you believe. There are dangers at every level of its production and disposal and not much is happening to address these issues. Can we trust Governments and large corporations around the planet to put in the resources to cover every potential hazard. Companies can’t even drill for oil safely!

We need to look for alternative clean energy sources, but we need to be committed to that course of action and that means putting huge resources into research and developement of these alternatives. Not just thinking – ‘oh, we’ll just go nuclear’ and making shallow, fragmented gestures to appease the green movement. We can do this, we just have to want to do this (and it would appear that most people in power don’t want to go down the clean, green but no nuclear path).