Tsunami (point of view)

Tectonic plate shift
followed by tsunami:

displaced water
raised from a complacent
day to day rhythm,
looks for a place to

following the geography
of ocean
the wave does what it must,
given this and that

it reaches the land,
a wave in motion
a wave – less emotion.


Visions of drowning:

towns, people, possessions,
swallowed by water,
wave after wave after wave
of shock and awe,

displaced people,
hundreds of thousands,

looking for a safe
space between shocks,
looking for ground
that doesn’t move,

looking for a place to

world view

20 thoughts on “Tsunami (point of view)

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  1. Oh Gabrielle, I just can’t believe all the natural disasters the world has had to face already this year … such a terrible tragedy.

    The last word of your wonderful poem ‘shattered’ sums the result and my feelings perfectly.

  2. This made me cry. I’ve been thinking a lot about the tsunami. My son has a Japanese girl in his class and at one stage she couldn’t get in touch with her family. She was in a panic about her grandmother who couldn’t swim being swallowed up by the water. I can’t imagine the terror of that. Thankfully, all of her family are fine but she seems quite traumatised.

    ‘World view shattered…’ it really has. I just hope it can be restored. And that those affected can find some peace.

  3. The entire poem is probably the most verbally accurate description of what happened as anyone could ever write and this:
    “it reaches the land,
    a wave in motion
    a wave – less emotion.”

    Is utter perfection as it describes the neutrality of nature toward human existence.
    Looking at the videos and photographs of this horrible event it made me think of the people in Pompeii after Mount Vesuvius erupted. We humans can never be prepared for something we still don’t understand I guess, no matter what century we inhabit.

  4. It’d be really great if the planet just kind of calmed down for the next decade or so. Since that’s not likely to happen all I can say is thanks for the poetry. It’s certainly one of the things that gives me a bit of buoyancy.

  5. “a wave in motion, a wave – less emotion” – brilliant, Gabrielle. The world seems like a Salvador Dali painting for me at the moment – just too surreal.

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