23 thoughts on “The wine connoisseur

  1. I read this crazy review of a wine once (don’t even know what wine it was now) that said it would make your tongue feel sexy. Your poem make me think of that review. A delightfully refreshing and vibrant drop!

  2. what fun i had, romping with this piece! very funny, too, blahblah ha ha but whats really interesting to me is how the timing or i guess rhythm sort of swirls in it. really cool great poem!

    1. Thanks tipota – I have no time for the lardidarness of wine tasting – haha. The ‘see, swirl, sniff, sip, savour’ are the actual 5 steps of wine tasting, which is even funnier (they missed the spitting -they don’t want to talk about that bit) – so I just had to grab those words for my poem. They’ve done experiments which show that ‘expert’ wine tasters are easily fooled by labels, price and all the extraneous stuff around wine (rather than the actual taste).

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