The perfumer

By night he dreams of three exotic ladies in harem pants, adorned with beads and misty coins, whirling together in a heady dance.

The dance of the three ladies, beginning with the light touch of one that awakens his senses to the fleeting now, shimmy from the top; then the heart and body of the second dancer snaking and shivering with the middle notes, the music punching the air, staccato hips; joined by the final dancer, who lingers over rich, base notes, infused in the atmosphere, undulating torso.

Arms and bodies fuse in a confluence of silk, flesh and hazy smoke, forming a pyramid of inspiration burning in his


19 thoughts on “The perfumer

  1. Do I detect a delicate floral scent infused with a hint of musk? πŸ˜‰ Outstanding Aussie girl! Very scintillating writing my dear.

  2. fascinating, the way it reads like a poem even tho its almost proselike. that aside, what a great piece! very sensual and lovely scented, with all the notes in place, like music

  3. Looking at the way perfume bottles are shaped there is definitely a hint of the belly dancer about them. There is a sense of theatre and movement and sensuality associated with perfume which you have captured so well. You also got the magic, the wonderful magic of all those lovely scents held within glass just waiting to escape. So nice!!

  4. This is something else Gabe! Totally knocked me out. So much colour & movement… and it shimmies with sensuality.

  5. Just wonderful! I love the sense of movement and heady mist of fragrance.

    Have you read ‘Perfume: The Story of a Murderer’? That book was *almost* sensory overload … an interesting tale though.

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