The Funeral Flowers

I took the funeral flowers
that had been placed
on my mothers coffin,
fragrant roses and greenery.

I took the funeral flowers
and placed them in our home
among grieving children,
fading roses and greenery.

I took the funeral flowers
and placed them in our garden
under honey malaleuca and rain,
brittle roses and greenery.

I looked atΒ the funeral flowers
months laterΒ and saw roses
but the greenery
still living.

5 months later

Dedicated to Mum who lives on in my heart (and the hearts of everyone who loved her).






This is a true story.

Mum died on the 3rd October last year (2010) and I put the funeral flowers in our garden. Five months down the track the greenery is alive and growing. I’m glad I didn’t put them in the compost bin. Does anyone know what plant it is?

26 thoughts on “The Funeral Flowers

  1. The poem is a lovely poem of remembrance, and I nodded in agreement as I read that you took the flowers home to be somethng on which to concentrate the grief.
    But from the picture, the ‘green’ looks lime cannabis! (The chook beside it looks stoned too). πŸ™‚

      1. Does not look like cannabis bluebee – haha – but reminds me of a story where my very catholic Mum (who used to love second hand shops) accidently bought a glass bong – she thought it looked lovely – haha. It quickly disappeared when we told her what it was.

  2. HUGS for you Gabe. This losing a mother business isn’t for the faint of heart, no matter the relationship they leave a permanent reminder in every women especially as we age. I love that you did this with her funeral flowers and she must have been a wonderful woman to have raised an exceptional daughter like you my dear. There, that’s enough mushy stuff. πŸ˜‰

  3. Here I am crying my eyes out and then I read Stafford’s comment about the stoned chook and giggle. You are a bad boy, Stafford, but very funny.

    This is so beautiful to me, Gabrielle. That the flowers are growing…. I feel that your Mum is still there watching over you.

  4. Lovely poem.. and what an amazing and wonderful narrative! A friend bought two plants for my mom’s service and I have kept them going. For awhile, I kept the gardenia in the bathroom where I saw it all the time and could smell its sweet perfume…and now the pansies are blooming a happy yellow again…

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