It’s such a noodle name
for any sort of dog.
A dog that’s neither Labrador nor Poodle,

a bitser this and that, for sure.
Purists will quickly point out,
the muttiness factor of the dawg.
They hold their noses way up high

to extend their view of down,
they pontificate on colours,
size and necessary standards,
ending up with quite a frown,

but I don’t care for such things

you couldn’t get a cuter dog
then the dandy Labradoodle
(my bias is showing, I have two I call my own)
and mutts they’re not to me.

They are a woolly combination
of both silly poodleness
and labrador loyalty,

intelligence (a modicum, enough to get them by)
and sloppy, lovingness in spades,

they might not frighten burglars
or sniff out contraband
but they’ll love you as their leader
and follow your commands.

Well that’s the theory!

ho hum
Food, did someone say food!