Justice taking form, stop
uber hacker
leading the way,
information for the people, stop
alien tresses, attitude,
no giving up.

All is not lost,
sign of the times,
seismic shift in paradigm, stop
assuage no one
no way back,
genius programs
everything known, stop

© Gabrielle Bryden



14 thoughts on “Cable

  1. Hi, How are you doing?

    I welcome you to week 23 poetry potluck at Jingle Poetry :

    Always, we treasure your support and would be more than happy to see you share…

    The linkz will be open for submission 8pm, Sunday, American Central…theme related entries or unrelated entries are all welcome!

    Best Regards for your day.

    Week 23 Theme: Our Home, Temple and Sanctum


  2. HI Gabe, just locve the way you put this together like an old reporter’s telegram, before they used phones to call in stories!
    That really contrasts with the subject of hacking, and the new era of no secrets!
    The amazing upheaval in the Middle East is made possible by the technology and whatever happens there and with Assange, there has been a paradigm shift and we are all in it togther. Hang on for the ride!
    We sure do live in interesting times!

  3. Yeah. I think you’re getting a bit saucy there with that tag, Gabe. Love it.

    It’s funny you should use assuage because when I first heard about Julian I thought his surname was Assuage. D’oh.

    Liked the rhythm of the stops. You always impress me with your wit and intelligence.

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