Blogger and writer Val B Russell has challenged me to write a poem which includes the word idiot as an adjective (she wrote a poem which included the words ‘idiot letters’ and it reminded me of Bob Dylan’s ‘idiot wind’ and so on and so forth).

So here it is Val πŸ™‚

Dear Lord, please watch over the bogan rev heads who speed!

Idiot Race

idiot brain
yes you
in the Subaru Impreza
dying to race
trying to impress her
lead foot
rev head
lead head
in an idiot race
in a hurry to die
are we?


I will pass the challenge back to Val. I challenge you to write a lighthearted, happy type poem and it must include the word ‘globule’ – a word that blogger and novelist Thomma Lyn Grindstaff loves πŸ˜‰ There is no hurry Val – I can wait as long as it takes – bwahahahahaha!