Photograph by Tessa Bryden

Aspie’s Rock

People with Asperger’s Syndrome often call themselves aspies.

Aspies mostly call people who are not on the autism spectrum – neurotypicals. I nearly choked on my Weet-Bix when I heard that expression for the first time – haha.

There is a theory (promulgated by aspies I should think) that people with Asperger’s Syndrome are higher up the evolutionary ladder than the rest of us. I don’t know about the scientific basis for that theory  🙂  but there are certainly many wonderful things about aspies.

These may include some of the following:

Lateral thinkers (the inventors of the world)
Genuinely goodhearted
Unique sense of humour
Persistent (they will solve the problems of the world)
Determined (they will keep going when others give up)
Creative (some have outstanding artistic, musical and other talents)
Great attention to detail and can spot mistakes others may not notice (make great editors)
Super senses (wine connoisseurs and perfume makers of the world )
Strong sense of social justice (make good policemen, judges)
Direct, honest and speak their mind
Strive for perfection
Can list large amounts of factual information
Strong desire to seek knowledge (great on game shows and trivia nights)
Extremely knowledgeable on topics of interest (the trainspotters, collectors of the world)
Visual thinkers (make great surveyors, architects and engineers)
Exceptional long-term memory
Logical thinkers (the computer programmers of the world)
Great desire for fairness
Great respect for rules
Dedicated to special interests (many aspies reach the top of their chosen career because of their single minded dedication to an area of interest)


Endless potential

and the list goes on …

I know and love quite a few aspies and I think they rock!


Written for this Friday’s celebration of International Asperger’s Day 2011

12 thoughts on “Aspie’s Rock

  1. Neurotypical – I love it!
    What a wonderful list. I am going to give this to my son, Nick. One of his friends has Asperger’s and I know this will help Nick understand him a little more.
    Thanks so much for this!

  2. most fascinating to me is the idea dawning now that human evolution isnt finished yet, and that there is room for changes in sensory or cognitive abilities that may very well prove to be an evolutionary development. so the aspies may frontline the first clear move in that direction. the first line so to speak, and as such, as in war, exposed to the danger of
    prejudice and incorrect classification etc. until their unique abilities, (perhaps diagnosed as outside of the ‘norm’ because the norm is too narrow and governed by past experience,) become widely recognized as biological evolution.
    wouldnt that be really something

    1. Wonderful comment tipota and I agree that would really be something. I think evolution by its very nature never comes to an end (I should ask my Dad – that is his area of expertise – social Darwinism etc.,). Your analogy with war is very interesting – those at the frontline are doing a great job but cop all the flak! Those with aspergers often say they have a ‘diffability’ rather than a ‘disability’ and hence your notion of a too narrow norm is spot on.

  3. excellent list of positive features there, it makes me think that society is so unfairly quick to judge people by what is ‘normal’ and then overlooks the value of many people whose range of skills and attributes make them seem different.

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