Tropical cyclone Yasi
is slowly crossing the Coral Sea ,
a muscular swathe of clouds
rotating clockwise
around a dead fish eye,
staring, without caring, at us.

Beginning with depression,
he moves to category one
than up the scale to two
and round he goes, pontificating
on which way to go,
waiting for Godot.

Fortune-tellers (sorry, forecasters),
study the signs and tell us
which way he’ll go
and how fast
and how strong,
and what day, what hour

this monster storm will arrive
on this rain-soaked, flooded land.
We might be better off
asking the cyclone
what mood he is in on the day.
We prepare for the worse.

Note: You can find out more about Tropical cyclone Yasi here

27 thoughts on “Waiting for the Cyclone

  1. Wish us luck everyone – this looks like one helluva cyclone (ps. did I mention I hate cyclones) – it will probably land much further north than us but you never know, and this one is hundreds of kilometres in length.

  2. Just no breathing space for the people of QLD, is there Gabrielle? I enjoyed so many aspects of this poem – the imagery (“dead fish eye, staring without caring”, “pontificating”) and the weary cynicism (“fortune-tellers”. Can only hope it’s in a benevolent mood by landfall. bb

  3. yipes, bummer, and bad timing too. hope you all stay safe.
    one hell of a stormy season you all have had to get through, i hope the cyclone gets weaker and goes easy, crossing my fingers for you xxx

  4. Late comment. 5pm Wed Qld time. Yasi is now category 5 and strengthening. By tomnorrow morning, Lives will have been be lost and whole towns flattened.
    Makes me wonder what Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries will put on his blog about this one.(
    Yasi is a Chinese name as far as I know, not Jewish but I guess he will create a connection somehow. Maybe K Rudd spoke a few words of advice to the Jews in Mandarin! That is probably enough for Danny Delusion to claim God revealed another of his mysterious ways to him alone!
    Strangely, Historic records in China had been going for about 3,000 years before the New Testament was being composed and no mention of China… come to think of it, no mention in the OT either, so if Noah didn’t save a Yasi and a Mrs Yasi, where did they spring from?

    1. This situation is just horrible Stafford 😦 I don’t think there will be much sleep tonight. The waves, even this far south of the cyclone, are getting bigger. I found out the name Yasi was named by the Fijians but that mightn’t me accurate as I got it by googling). Please let everyone be alright everyone up North.

    1. The cyclone turned into a category 5 Aletha (the worse kind possible) and Stafford was right – whole towns were flattened and lives were lost. It was far North from us but will impact on the whole of our State – these two disasters (the flood and cyclone) have left us all reeling and it is all very depressing 😦 At this point in time I have no words for what has happened – I am speechless.

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