U2 – ‘Even better than the real thing’

Been cleaning all my cd’s and cd racks – had a thing for this song years ago.

14 thoughts on “U2 – ‘Even better than the real thing’

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  1. I saw U2 live in Toronto at the Grandstand during their ‘fly’ tour. It was the last concert Dave and I went to and what stands out in my memory is that it more like a Vegas show than a rock concert. The music however was fantastic and the edge plays great live. Shame about Bono’s hat woes. 😉 I love this song too and the entire album is perfection. Thanks for posting this one Gabrielle.

    1. You’re welcome Val. I agree about their shows being like Vegas – haha. I nearly went to a U2 concert in Brisbane but sold the ticket a couple of hours before it started (for a couple of reasons which will sound absurd if I go into details 😉 ) – I was never that big on U2 – liked their songs but was never fanatical about them – preferred their earlier stuff and didn’t like the way they turned into a sort of super band. This song is a favourite though (I don’t even think I realised it was U2 when I loved it).

  2. i saw them in 1980 at torhout festival, belgium; for 100 francs (now 15 euros or 20 dollars), i saw: 2 little bands from belgium, warren zevon, u2, simple minds, eurhytmics, peter gabriel and van morrison. not too bad, don’t you think?

      1. warren zevon on stage that day was great, he makes 30,000 people standing, only him and a grand piano on the scene…never saw another one doing that

  3. I’m too old to have even heard about some of the groups mentioned in these comments. I was probably busy changing nappies and making curtains by then. But we all listen with joy to the music of our emerging adulthoods. That memory, at least, I can share. And I can still see my young mother swaying to the music of her favourite World War II crooners.

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