Sensational eye (s)

Sensational eye (s)

Let the words speak for themselves,
they are old enough now,
they don’t need a grown up to speak for them,

a shocking image
of violence wrapped up in nothing,
to titillate the obtuse
who don’t read poetry,

but who will buy the book
to impress their
ephemeral friends,

who wouldn’t know a:

metaphor from megalomaniac
simile from sham
rhythm from retribution
rhyme from rank amateur
assonance from asshole
alliteration from arrogance
symbols from sycophant
allusions from delusions (of grandeur)
verse from verisimilitude
enjambment from entrapment
Homer from hypocrite.

Let the words speak for themselves,
we will listen,
but only if they are old enough to stand alone
and speak eloquently for themselves.

27 thoughts on “Sensational eye (s)

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  1. Hot damn, baby girl that was great! I wish I could hear you read this one out loud because I just know it would be wonderful. So true about those types of people. They like pose, but they don’t know a thing.

  2. “but only if they are old enough to stand alone
    and speak eloquently for themselves”.
    So you no longer seek wisdom from parrots. Me neither!
    …. maybe the occasional galah! haha!

  3. Love it to the max. I know a lot of people who have bookshelves full of the so-called ‘important’ books, both poetry and fiction, yet have never read a word. They don’t know anything about anything. It’s all flash and no substance. They are so easily pulled in by the gimmick.

    The only place worse is the art publishing world. ZOMG. I could tell you some stories.
    I love it when you bitch slap. You go, Mama!!!

  4. an intelligent word that knows when to speak and when to be silent and is all grown up — you’re reaching way back in time and space

    and I also was wondering if someone’s portrait is depicted in layers of indirection

    and if so, I’d say you told em good!

  5. “assonance from asshole”

    that ought to be on the spine of one early volume of an encyclopedia — would have to turn it around from “asshole to assonance” but what entires might be written in a volume with such a beginning as this!

  6. this is masterfully written and a challenge for the verses to become as timeless as it is. it is an open rebuke to those who cannot appreciate poetry.

    i love the way you have compared the figures of speech to the opposite direction of thought. fantastically sarcastic.

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