Have a look at these before and after photos of Brisbane during the floods of 2011.

The special thing about these photos is the technology, which uses high-resolution aerial photos taken over various suburbs and the CBD which reveals the scale of the devastation.

There is a black line in each photo, which you hover over using your mouse, and then you drag the line to the left of the photo, revealing the extent of the flood – just amazing.

Today we have so much information and photography available for such events.

This is part one of an ABC News special presentation.

Before and after photos of Queensland floods in 2011.

You can also view part two:

Part two

11 thoughts on “Brisbane flood photos – before and after

  1. Just amazing! That ‘overlay’ facility really helps us see the differences!
    I have a Br River refugee tied up beside me in Mooloolaba. He/she made a wise choice judging by the ‘debris’ in the lower river and Moreton Bay!

    1. I really felt for the boat owners Stafford – as we saw the boats getting crushed and bashing up against the bridges in the Brisbane river. It’s a scary river:

      ‘Brisbane river isn’t petite and pretty
      like the Cam of Cambridge

      he won’t invite you
      to gondola

      won’t even tell you to take a hike
      you are the cliched flea on bear

      he’s got the monumental on his mind
      how to shoulder bash Moreton Bay
      day after day

      how to carve out a name for himself
      in ancient sediment
      with no sentiment

      he won’t care if you
      go under.’

  2. I just saw the amazing ‘before and after’ yesterday – just incredible. You’re so right about the amount of coverage and technology that has been used throughout the whole flooding event … it’s quite incredible.

  3. Horrendous and devastating images Gabrielle. I’m just so happy beyond words that your family is safe, but my heart goes out to those who have lost everything. There is never any making sense of what nature can do to us but it is a reminder of how fragile our daily existence is.

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