Sugarcane in the flood: Sweet and sour


Sweet and sour

The canes of sugar
pop out of the flood
like a thousand straws
in a vat of cola.

This water should taste so sweet
but the farmer gags
on nothing
but sour.

14 thoughts on “Sugarcane in the flood: Sweet and sour

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    1. I really feel for the farmers Stafford, especially those that have had to deal with the drought, and now this – I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they felt like giving up after so many years of hardship.

  1. The imagery just reaches out towards me, pops into my line of vision. If I hadn’t known there had been a flood and I saw that image I’d stop and look and go – ‘Wow. Look at that.’

    But knowing what we know the sugarcane does leave a sour taste in our mouths. A brilliant observation, Gabe. Very, very powerful!

  2. I love your simile of the cane with straws in a vat of cola, and then the startling, sharp contrast of the following lines – so much conveyed in a few words

  3. Your words echo the horrible experiences of so many farmers … I just can’t imagine what they’re feeling or what they’re going through as they try to look to the future.

    1. Thanks Tracey – I sometimes feel we don’t help farmers out as much as your urban flood victim, because we think that that they can handle this stuff better (being touch capable farmers and all) – but they need as much help as anyone else, especially if they are isolated.

    1. Thanks hames1977 – I really feel for the farmers – the disaster for them extends often over so many years and there is the waiting for a good crop with no guarantees and no income (a type of mental torture I would think).

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