Sugarcane in the flood


Hard to breathe

After the flood
the sugarcane
is still standing
in the field,
waste deep in water,
but not so straight
and not so tall.
These tough stalks are
bent over, tired
and finding it hard to breath
in this new world order.
Yet in time
the sugarcane
will stand tall again,
after the water recedes,
the mud is gone
and the hope
for a future


14 thoughts on “Sugarcane in the flood: Hard to breathe

  1. i couldnt help but think of the sugars in the cane dissolving into the water, and making it sweet. something hummingbirds might love. it may be true that something good comes from sharing something bad. but is there anything at all about this torrential disaster situation that is ultimately worth appreciating especially given the loss of life and how terrible it is for the people who have lost and been lost, i think maybe a few important things, faith, hope, compassion, human kindness, unwavering strength to rebound? i hope it is over soon, and the restoration as swift as possible. very moving poem gabrielle, my thoughts are with you.

    1. thanks tipota – this situation might also shake people out of their complacency regarding the environment – sometimes I think people think that technology will always beat mother nature – but nature is far too strong and humans not always flexible enough to deal with changes that need to be made.

  2. I like how you’ve chosen the sugarcane as a symbol of human grit and resilience because sugarcane is such an iconic image of Queensland. I remember seeing the canefields as a kid and being awestruck. To see them under water would be very, very hard. But they will stand firm and not be beaten down. Just as the people of Queensland will. Hope and determination is still swirling around in the muddy waters.

    1. Yes, sugarcane is right up there as a Queensland image, but I just chose it because every time I drive to Bundaberg I drive past the flooded fields and my heart sinks for the farmers. Thanks Selma.

  3. I like this very much! Where your first ‘sugar cane’ poem was so very sad and captured that feeling of hopelessness, your words here are filled with hope and strength that things will one day recover … wonderful Gabrielle! 🙂

    I love how you’ve used ‘sugarcane’ to highlight the human condition.

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