20 thoughts on “Beginners luck – again!

    1. Haha – very often Stafford (and it is Shirl with an l not a t – haha). I think the frog is just thinking – ‘enough already with the photo shoot, I have some serious eating to get on with’.

  1. Oh he is wonderful!! I’m so jealous of your froggy friends, all we seem to have around us is cane toads (unless the frogs are just better at hide and seek).


    1. Cane toad’s eat frogs Tracey 😦 We kill all the toads as they appear and have a good fence which keeps most of them out – but it is a never ending job – Michael freaks out if he hears the sound of a toad, so we don’t have much choice but to get on with the job straight away – that’s Andrew’s job thank goodness).

  2. I simply wub dat fwoggy! 🙂 Oh he is so cute and adorable! I guess it’s starting to show that I’ve got a problem with loving critters lol

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