In case you missed the headlines, the flood disaster in Queensland has got steadily worse in the past few days and authorities are now describing the situation as a mega-catastrophe.

I once wrote a post Run for the Hills: The Gabe Files about my recurring dream of tsunami and massive floods. I couldn’t work out why Brisbane was in the dream!  Well here we go.

Seventy-five percent of the State is flood affected and the cities of Ipswich and Brisbane have now gone under. Tens of thousands of houses and business have been flooded, livestock and pets killed, roads and bridges destroyed, and the number of people killed is steadily rising as the search and rescue continues.

There was also an horrific flash flood that began in Toowoomba and then reached a number of small rural towns, wiping them out totally and killing people. A search and rescue mission is currently underway to recover bodies. There are large numbers of people missing.

Here is some footage of the flood in Brisbane. I used to live just a couple of blocks away from where they are pushing the Volkswagon. We have friends and people who were once neighbours who have houses completely submerged by water.

And some more of the Toowoomba flash flood and surrounding areas.

We are now safe here on the shores of Hervey Bay, but there is still weeks left of the wet season. Some towns have been flooded two or more times. Our neighbouring town of Bundaberg experienced more flooding just yesterday.

The whole State has ground to a holt, with ports and roads closed. There is no bread or milk in the shops today but hopefully this will be resolved in the next few days. The fruit and vegetable markets in Brisbane (Rocklea markets) which supply much of Queensland and Norther NSW was completely submerged by floodwaters and supplies will have to come from elsewhere.

The logistics of rescue, recovery and rebuilding are mind boggling but we have extensive resources and will deal with this disaster slowly but surely.

Queenslanders are tough and will help each other out in an emergency.

We can’t just run for the hills!