Flooding continues to affect 20 + towns across Queensland and floodwaters are taking a long time to go down. It may be one or two weeks before everyone can get back inside their houses to start cleaning up. Unfortunately heavy rain is forecast over much of the affected areas in the following days and weeks.

I saw on the news last night a handmade sign in a flooded country town which read ‘If you don’t live here, piss off!’ So very Australian – haha

Haiku to you to πŸ™‚

boats drift along fluid streets
surveying the towns
ain’t no Venice for tourists!

Major General Mick Slater has been seconded from the army to lead the flood rebuilding and recovery program.

Here’s hoping the rain stays away.

12 thoughts on “Bring in the Army

  1. Batten down the hatches Gabe and ride out the rain. I send my love to you all. You Aussies are a tough bunch like us Canucks. πŸ™‚ HUGS

  2. I just can’t quite believe this weather Gabrielle … I really hope you’re continuing to keep safe and well.

    I saw the same sign you did … and had such a laugh at the ‘Australianism’ too.

    1. This is nothing short of catastrophic – they are calling it a mega catastrophe and it is affecting 75% of the State, which has affectively ground to a halt. This is going to be worse than 1974 – and that flood was horrific! Queenslanders need as many prayers as possible and help from other Australians and people overseas.

    1. My family is fine Aletha but very worried about friends and relatives in Brisbane – as that huge river has broken its bank and thousands of homes are going to go under (completely). Will do an update blog later in the week or next week.

  3. dear gabrielle,

    they call this inland tsunami, something that is new. i hope this would stop right now. the weather is becoming violent these days all over the world.

    good, that you still manage to be creative in the midst of chaos. i like the haiku indeed.

    1. There has never been anything like the inland tsunami in the town of Toowoomba, where it happened (not in recorded history) – very unusual. I’d like it to stop right now too hames1977 – that is why we feel so helpless, in the face of nature which has great strength. Thank you for you kind comments πŸ™‚

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