20 thoughts on “frog poem

  1. Whose eyes would be popping more?! Never had a frog in the boot but in Johannesburg, where I lived for 12 years, Parktown Prawns (King Crickets) in the Boot are legendary (and very smelly!)

  2. frog in hove
    delight in glove
    what a meal

    (don’t worry, people, i really feel guilty to be a frog genocider, i apologize before you murder me)

  3. bwahahahaha – aloha Gabrielle – i’m not sure who’s eyes would pop more, the frog or the one placing foot in boot. bwahahahahaa. fun. this almost feels like Basho is prodding you (Basho’s frog/pond haiku – the sound of water) – he must be laughing for sure. fun. aloha

    1. I didn’t think of Basho when writing but maybe he is giving me a prod – haha – I am enjoying these little poems Rick πŸ™‚ especially when Ben does a wonderful illustration to match.

      1. aloha Gabrielle – yeah, Benedicte’s inspiration was way cool. when i saw the photos from the post before these two poem posts i was tempted too. there are some cool frogs here too, and there are some that are so loud… yikes. they are cool creatures tho. fun. aloha.

          1. bwahaahahaahaha – actually i have done some frog works. not recently tho. not recently that i recall that is… yeah, i was thinking more along the lines of doing new ones. hmmmm… i wonder if i have one of those from a year or so back… i’ll take a look. fun. …still want to do a new one tho. . .

  4. I can’t say I’ve ever had a frog in my boot but I have had a dead rat and mouse in my shoe! It’s the squishy feeling that gets you and most especially in the morning before some coffee. *shudder*

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