flood waters rise in fury
new bridge drowning
baptism gone awry


strong brown water swirling free
across the floodway
foolish driver perched in tree


teenagers out for a thrill
blow-up mattresses
no match for raging river



The weather is going crazy!

I live in a small seaside town in Central Queensland, Australia. Large parts of the State are experiencing the worst floods in living memory. My town is doing ok (except for some small areas of flood) but access roads have been cut-off by flood waters and the SES (State Emergency Services) has blocked entry and exit to the town.

It has been raining almost non-stop since Christmas and we are getting more in one day than you normally get in a whole month. Bundaberg, a large town about 45 minutes drive from us, got 165ml yesterday and it is likely that some of the towns people will be evacuated in the next 48 hours as flood waters rise.

My free-range silky chickens look like drowned rats, but are now safe and dry in their coop. I thought I might have to bring them in the house yesterday but the rain rapidly drains away through the sand around here and they are fine.

We’ve had to cancel a trip to a nearby town for a short holiday and relatives can’t visit as planned. But we are safe and have enough food and water to last the distance, and that is all that matters.

There are still a lot of idiots on the roads who drive though floodwaters when advised not to. These people place their own lives at risk and the lives of the SES workers who have to save them. Some people just can’t be told.

It’s not over yet!




26 thoughts on “Flood

  1. this strong weather stuff seems to be going on across the planet. i know mainland USA is getting heavy heavy amounts of snow, and Hawaii is under constant on and off flood warnings with the banding storm clouds. yeah, people still go out in it here too. i’m just going to watch from where i am and read poetry or draw… cool resource you’re exploring. new bridge baptism gone awry. i like that. …altho i hope people are safe and the damage is minimal. – stay dry and cool on the silk chickens in their coop. – aloha.

    1. Thanks Rick. It does seem to be a particularly weird Christmas for weather – with all the snow storms and floods. The new bridge was constructed (much higher than the old bridge) but is still under water! You get the inflows from upstream and even when the skies are blue the downstream areas continue to rise. On the news we had 3 guys jump into the river on their inflatable mattresses, planning to go 30 km down the Brisbane river – idiots! They got yanked out by the SES (who I am sure would rather be enjoying Christmas with their families).

  2. Crazy weather for sure, here we don’t get snow as much as we used too and I am not complaining.
    I hope that all this flooding will stop and no one gets injured, even the crazy irresponsible one.
    Bad weather gave good strong poems, I like them a lot.

  3. Seems like many of us are having a bit more rain than usual…roads near me were flooded last week also…hope things dry up a bit for you soon…we’ve had sunny weather the last two days..but more rain expected tonight.

  4. I LOVED the poems.Fascinated by haiku since very young.Totally agree with Benedicte, bad situations give magnificent poems.Glad to know you’re safe, as the chickens.This flood is very impressive!I hope the weather comes back to normal soon.As for the crazy people, they’re everywhere around the world.So selfish they put others life in danger.
    Stay safe!

    1. Thanks Cossana. This flooding is enormous – hundreds of roads cut off, hundreds of evacuations (they evacuated a whole town of 300 yesterday), houses submerged, deaths on the roads, roads destroyed and it is across half of this huge State (and into NSW which is south of us).

  5. I think you need a canoe Gabrielle. πŸ™‚ Today the weather was warm like May, but never fear, your rains will subside just in time for our first blizzard in Newf. πŸ˜‰

  6. It has been an incredible amount of rain … today is looking a little drier where I am … I hope the same is true for you.

    There are some incredibly stupid people in the world who have more time than sense I think … and that kind of weather brings out the worst in them.

    I’m happy to hear you’re safe, but it’s a shame you’re little holiday had to be cancelled … thank goodness the chooks didn’t have to join you inside! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Tracey – yes I don’t think I’m ready for the chooks to be indoor chooks and the dogs would find them irresistable πŸ˜‰ It hasn’t rained today but just found out that a brand new bridge to the nearest town from us has been washed away!!! It will be months before our roads are fixed so will have to drive much further than usual to get to another town.

  7. Glad the chookies are OK. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you didn’t end up sitting on the roof or something waiting for the SES. Hope it dries out soon. We all love it when it rains in Oz but this is ridiculous!

    1. Thanks Selma – out town is fine – it’s all our neighbouring towns that have been hit so hard – Bundaberg has been completely submerged in parts when the river peaked yesterday – peaked at a level never seen before in the history of the town – many people have lost everything and there will be much heartache to come – it will affect our whole State as 20% of crops have been destroyed.

  8. dear gabrielle,

    the weather around the world have just gone crazy. i am so sad to hear this news from you about the flood. what’s worse are these people who risked their lives and stubborn to be told to stay at home. i just hope that restoration of vital public services be back to normal.

    i like how you deal with this calamity by writing a poetry about it. it is just like chronicling them for history.

    1. thank you hames1977 – it is a bit like chronicling for history – the flooding is getting worse in some parts of Queensland and currently a massive part of the State is under water – this will affect us for a long time. Today the large city of Rockhampton is slowly becomed submerged – very depressing – and the waters will continue to rise throughout the week as inflows keep coming.

  9. We live in a country of such extremes – the devastation in Queensland is just mind-boggling and yes, the stupidity of people, too – “foolish driver perched in a tree” sums it up perfectly.

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