Blood Lily


I am chuffed to announce that my poem ‘Red’s the Colour’, one of my colour series, has been published in ‘Bolts of Silk’.

Follow this link to get to the poem and blogzine.

The ‘Bolts of Silk’ blogzine has the motto ‘beautiful poetry with something to say’ and is edited by poet Juliet Wilson (also known as blogger Crafty Green Poet) from Scotland. I love the name ‘Bolts of Silk’ – such a beautiful, sensory image.

Thanks Juliet πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Bolts of Silk – Red’s the Colour

  1. red the color of intense
    yet still a feminine side
    a driven ride
    this red lantern
    the power of red
    an emotional surge
    the spirit of mind

    aloha Gabrielle – congratulations on the publication. i like your color series. i know the flower in this blog i do not know what name we give it. …altho the way i see it, it’s unlikely that a flower calls itself by our name.

    what i like about the name “Bolts of Silk” is the double meaning – the striking beauty of silk, as well as cloth units with so many variations…

    red is so potent – power on. aloha.

    1. Lovely words Rick. The flower is a blood lily (and I have no idea what it would call itself – hahaha). When I see the name ‘Bolts of Silk’ the first thing that comes to mind is the soft, heavy thud of a bolt of silk being thrown onto a counter, ready for cutting and of course it would be a dark red (with blue undertones) just like Juliet’s silk in the header πŸ™‚

      1. Blood Lily – that makes sense, that’s what we name it of course, yes. no, i’ve no idea what that plant would call itself either. i have one in a pot that comes up every 5-6? years altho recently it seems sometimes more often now that i have another plant in the pot with it.

        yes, the first thing that came to mind with Bolts of Silk was what i meant – my two versions. now another has come to mind: the bolts that hold the thick girders of a great bridge or the framework of other architectural structures of monstrous scale – these bolts that fasten, made of silk. …which leads me into exploring what such bolts might be capable of holding together on a similar scale or an entirely different scale altogether of course. . . bwahahahahaha. cool. aloha.

        1. Haha – I never thought of that Rick – actual bolts made of silk (now that is lateral thinking) – could be a great metaphor (something strong holding things together, yet soft and beautiful as silk). Maybe blood lilys need two plants to pollinate – like blue berries – or maybe it just didn’t like being alone πŸ™‚

  2. i love the poem, and it was great to see it printed at bolts of silk, very nice both literally and graphically a perfect combination. i also like the way you have black in there as the sidekick sort of. those two are power colors really. i remember from my days when i worked in commercial textiles. there would be these grandiose meetings seminars and expositions in ny. everyone i mean everyone wore black, and the women would add a touch of red. like a scarf or a blouse with the black suit. once a newbie woman showed up wearing a yellow dress to the FIT (fashion institute) award show, it was a formal, to the floor gown-type thing. she stood out like a sore thumb. the crowd actually sort of pushed her to the periphery, and there, with her back against the wall she suddenly realized how yellow yellow yellow she was ha ha poor thing i’ll never forget it. almost as bad as showing up naked hahahaha. now however i’d opt for yellow just to be
    a bright flag waving in a sea of black and red tho.

    1. You are the queen of comments tipota πŸ™‚ (5 out of 5 – haha). I think I remember you wrote a poem about that lady in the yellow – if it was can you give me the link so I can read it again. I couldn’t stand that type of award show – I’d wear yellow just to piss them off πŸ˜‰ or maybe stripey red and white pants. Thanks tipota.

  3. I was delighted to publish your poem Gabrielle. Glad so many people visited Bolts of Silk to read it!

    Picking up on Rick’s comment, spider silk is incredibly strong, so there is a sense of that perhaps in the name Bolts of Silk. I actually used ‘Bolts of Silk’ as the title for the blog/journal inspired by a poem by Rebecca Elson, which due to copyright reasons I wasn’t allowed to post on the blog and the images that came to me were around endless bolts of silk fabric in endless varieties of colours

    1. oh. i like that: bolts of spider silk – yeah, those have to be iron strong…

      iron strong tonight
      red bolts of spider silk
      this blood red moon
      in a web of clouds

      no i didnt see the lunar eclipse last night (i went out to look 4 times, not really expecting to see anything). i saw the moon. but only once and it was a full silver disk – in clouds. i did see the blood red moon over hawaii in 2007 tho.

      …and did that on the computer afterward.

            1. aloha and thanks Gabrielle – yikes, i replied with an email too. i was looking through my photos yesterday and i found some shots i’d taken of my blood lily. it was fun to see it with that name attached – altho i like seeing without naming just as well. aloha and fun on your holidays to you.

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