Photograph by Benedicte Delachanal

Snow Dome

It was days before Christmas
and storm clouds did threaten

the cricket
each afternoon.

I could imagine I am in Finland
in the sauna, sweating,
about to plunge in icy waters
to invigorate
the circulation,

but that’s not working for me,

so I shook my blogosphere
and soon there was

in my snow dome

a white Christmas
descends on




Photograph by Benedicte Delachanal
Photograph by tipota
Photograph by Val B Russell
Photograph by Aletha Kuschan (if that is her real name!)

Note: I asked four female friends in my blogosphere for some photos of snow as a prompt and they sent me many – these are some of their photos.

Here are the links to their blogs and where they live.

Benedicte (Montreal, Canada)

Val (Island of New Foundland, Canada)

tipota (Cape Cod, U.S.A)

Aletha (Washington, U.S.A)

I forget how far away you people are from me! Thank you ladies so much for the snow πŸ™‚


29 thoughts on “Snow Dome

  1. They’re all tucked up in their warm beds, across the other side of this planet, while I am listening to a torrential downpour and hoping it stops raining, as the roads will flood (again) and this little town will be cut off from major centres (where one might want to do some shopping or something else fun in the school holidays).

  2. Thank you Gabrielle for asking me to participate in a very fun and snowy idea. Your poem rocks…well except for that part where you rub it in about SUB-TROPICAL QUEENSLAND. That hurt, that realllllllllly hurt Aussie. πŸ™‚

    1. I see a tiny sliver of blue skies and yes, the rain has stopped for the moment, but more forecast. I would love to see huge snowflakes Ben – I can’t imagine what that would be like -how big do they get? πŸ™‚

      1. how big…it is so relative, to me sometimes they look huge but to be more precise when they are falling gently, slowly, and the air is silent, it is like being in a cotton world , they are the size of my little finger nail.
        The other part I love in winter is the very cold crisp days, around -20C, the sky then is so intensely blue, the air is very dry, no wind and you do not feel the cold, amazing!
        I have to paint your lorickets (les oiseaux magnifiques) now.

  3. dear gabrielle,

    such fun to read this. i haven’t had my snowfall yet here in the arid deserts of i am finding it hard to write about one. happy sunny holidays to you there in australia.

  4. Could have sent you some more but Mother Nature changed her mind last night. Usually don’t get snow this early — it’s not even winter yet! But we’ve still got just a speck from a little bity blizzard last week.

    Glad you could shake the blogosphere — will send you weather any time you need it! How about one of our hot muggy Washington summers! Hot enough to fry the goop off a cicada’s wings!

  5. and guess what? we had our first snowfall of the season this evening! and i thought about you, and the pics from last year i sent you, and took out the camera again. its beautiful, the snow, your poem, the pictures from everyone, really fun, thanx gabrielle! your poem made me remember christmasses i spent in florida with my grandparents when i was a kid.
    yknow, palm trees decked in lights and real poinsettia bushes blooming. i could get into a subtropical christmas, sure could, thanx again!

    1. This was lots of fun and I can’t believe it started snowing where you are! You can visit me anytime you want a subtropical Christmas tipotat – but I warn you, we are about as laid back as it gets and we don’t eat as much as some people seem to (it’s too hot) – we do have fun though πŸ˜‰

  6. Love this. You could have asked me for a photo. We got almost 70″ of snow here in the last two weeks and trust me I have some photographs of it.

    It’s always such a pleasure to read your work.

  7. Those photos are amazing. What a contrast between them and the land of Oz right now. Even though it is cold there is something so pure and beautiful about snow. I absolutely loved seeing where all the other bloggers live (incorrigible stickybeak) – it makes them all seem less far away somehow!

    1. Snow is beautiful Selma and I so want to see it one day (I’ve only seen it on distant mountain tops, and that is not the same thing). It’s great to discover where all the bloggers live, isn’t it. I might have to write a book about blogging – it’s endlessly fascinating to me.

  8. Snow domes are wonderful portable little windows into a permanently wintry world … love your words! πŸ™‚

    PS. How weird has the weather in Qld been? I spent yesterday wearing a cardigan!?!?

    1. Totally weird Tracey – today is like a crisp autumn day (blue skies, dry air, cool breeze) and it is snowing in elevated parts of Australia!!!!!!! – Falls Creek etc., Two days ago it was hot, humid and horrible. I love snow domes (just the sound of the words makes me happy – I also like snow cones πŸ™‚ and I couldn’t go past the concept of shaking a blogosphere to make it snow – hahaha – thanks Tracey.

  9. Now winter yet … that was then, this is now. The solstice has happened and it is officially winter in the northern hemisphere (drum roll llllllllllllllll!)

    And I awoke a 4 am last night (yawning still) and saw the lunar eclipse at near it’s maximum.

    Then I went back to bed!

    Yep, it’s winter now! But the days will get a little longer (by a few seconds, I think) from now till June.

    1. Aletha, we don’t have seasons starting in the middle of the month in Australia. The 1st of December is the official start of summer over here. The lunar eclipse was at 6.40pm our time but there were clouds so we only caught a glimpse (we did sit on the front lawn on blankets eating marshmellow snow drops covered in chocolate for the occasion though) πŸ™‚

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