lemonade tree

meditation on a lemonade tree

my afternoon attention,
swathed in the hazy cloud of
and bathed in a sunny shade
settles on a citrus tree
in front of me,
the unripened fruit are held tight
by protective branches
with thorns,
preparing to
a Bunning’s promise
of lemonade on a tree

we shall see!

26 thoughts on “meditation on a lemonade tree

  1. aloha Gabrielle – i know this promise from a citrus tree. amazing how tight the fruit is held by those thorny branches, yes. even the scent of a blossom holds the promise tho. a beautiful moment in meditation. cool. aloha –

  2. A lemonade tree sounds like the stuff of Enid Blyton novels. The only thing more apt in Enid’s case would be a ginger beer tree. I can’t wait to hear if it actually does taste like lemonade. How exciting!

    1. Speaking of ginger beer Selma – I saw on the news the other night the release of a giant turtle (which was being tracked) and they poured a bottle of Bundy Ginger Beer over its back (like cracking champagne over a ship I suppose) – only in Bundaberg!

  3. Do they sell gin and Tonic trees too?

    I like the “threethirtyitis” affliction…I know what you mean!

    Hope you’re surviving the heat and the humidity…

    1. Hahaha – I would invent a champagne tree screamsh, if I could do such things. It has been flooding and storming around here, so yes, much heat and humidity – aargh! Makes my hair frizzy and me bad tempered (not a great combo).

  4. Fingers crossed the tree delivers on its promise of delicious fruit this year … I think I may have to try and grow one of these myself – the fragrance of the flowers sounds delightful!

    1. Good idea Tracey – you could even grow one in a pot if you give it a regular feed and water – I love the smell of the leaves more than the flowers (lovely citrus smell, especially when you rub a leaf in between your fingers).

  5. I want you to know that I mentally climbed through that photo after reading your poem and I have to tell ya Gabrielle, IT SUCKS HERE! Sigh, there, that felt better. 😉 My favourite lines: the unripened fruit are held tight
    by protective branches
    with thorns,
    preparing to

    Sounds like a mother to me. 🙂

  6. the poem tastes sweet and not bitter for those of us too far away to enjoy the fruits of the actual tree

    and to be swathed in a hazy cloud …!

    well, I won’t complain — it went above freezing today — and if it snows tonight like they’ve said it might — well that will be pretty

    still, I’ll be thinking about lemonades

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