Another poem in my colour series.



something mellow
that gets the yolk,

the buttercup duckling
wrapped in chubby fingers, cradling,

it don’t mean a thing
if it ain’t got that lemon zing,

butter creaming,
icing sugar dreaming,

sunflower beaming,
Coldplay streaming,

cows milk churning,
cheese wheels turning,

banana paddle-popping
corner shop-a-stopping,

sunbeam slating
the unhappiness, deflating,

so tie a welcome ribbon
round the old oak tree,


sinister like yellowcake in the hands
of anyone,

a fever lingering in the blood
of mosquitoes,

the sheen of the underbelly
of a suspect snake,

the label of a coward in the face
of fear,

the jaundiced hue of the face of the man
with a failing liver,

and the phlegm from the lungs of the one
with emphysema,

or the ageing letters cramped in the diminishing space
of the nursing home,

as well as the caution sign on the door,
hazard ahead.

33 thoughts on “yellow

  1. I love this poem, Gabrielle. It feels like spring and since I’m completely snowed in here in New York, it’s a welcome and heartwarming read.

  2. Gabrielle! I started reading this, sunnier and sunnier than it turned and by the end I looked into the mirror and there staring at me was material for an extra line!

  3. This is fantastic Gabrielle – I love the contrasting views of all things yellow.

    The first is all lightness and brightness … while the second is dark and bleak.

    LOVE IT! šŸ™‚

  4. The first half of this really had me smiling thinking of spring (which seems so far away in our frozen winter) then the second half shows us the other side of yellow, good always to have the balance

  5. Well, this pretty much cements my original belief that you are a gigantically talented writer. You’ve written some lines Gabrielle that made me feel the words. šŸ™‚ Oh, if you listen to that Coldplay song while reading this, it is a rather amazing experience!

    1. You’re too sweet Val (yes, I should have said ‘you must listen to the song as you read the poem’. Now I must buy a banana paddlepop from the corner shop (it’s stinking hot today šŸ˜‰ )

  6. LOL Gabrielle, that is adorable! I love the way babies react to music, it’s always a natural emotional response and honest. You’re lucky, you had a good song with Michael. Faye liked “I like to move it move it.” lol

    Oh, so it’s stinking hot over there eh? Sheesh, why not just rub it in why don’t ya šŸ˜‰

  7. The contrast of dark and light emotions is so effective. The Coldplay song really highlights that contrast because there is such melancholy in that song. My favourite image – as you might expect – is the banana paddle pop. Yellow is just not yellow without a banana paddle pop!

  8. dear gabrielle,

    your colour series poem are enjoyable to read. the pacing and the tone of this poem is as sprightly as the color yellow suggests. i actually felt the streams of happines coming in from all directions. very nice poem indeed. all the best to you.

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