Cherry Blossom Review

Cherry Blossom Review

Wow, I am chuffed to find out this morning that 2 of my crab haiku have been published in the Cherry Blossom Review.

Follow this link to read my wee poems in this online literary art journal ‘dedicated to showcasing short forms of poetry such as haiku and poems 12 lines or less. Topics of interest are asian themes and nature (animals, insects, flowers, landscapes, etc)’.

The editor is Sandy Benitez from the USA  (who was the editor of Flutter Press and Flutter Poetry Journal). Thank you Sandy Benitez 🙂

22 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Review

  1. That is fantastic news, Gabrielle. I did particularly like those haiku (what is the plural of haiku, by the way? Is it just haiku? Or haikus? I have no idea.)

    I am glad to see your talent is being recognised 😀

  2. way cool haiku. and congratulations along with aloha Gabrielle.

    i see you already looked up the plural of haiku. cool. english haiku writers are moving in many directions with haiku – one of them is a shortening of the word itself and is often seen as just “ku” in many places. …the plural thing remains the same tho – ku is both singular and plural as i understand it.

    yeah. i like the surprise twistings in both of these ku. i take it the photos are what crabs have actually done not what you’ve drawn in the sand? but then… my first reaction/thought was that a human had created what you’ve photographed. your ku sets up that wondering even more. i like that. altho… again it might just be me experiencing your ku through my own world (yeah, that’s the only way we can do it, i know) – still… a few days ago i went to the beach. and drew in the sand. photographing as i drew quick little things, because i drew near the water’s edge to see if i could sometimes catch the water erasing the drawing. way fun of course. the idea being to then work with this to create works such as haiga or in other formats that i like to play with… of both the drawings and the erasings. hawaii has a lot of different kinds of sand. the sand in your photos looks like it would be fun to draw in too. cool.

    i also found the mid-word alliteration in your ku easy to speak through – i like that as well… fun. aloha – Wrick

  3. bwahahahahahaha aloha Gabrielle and thank you – 5/5! okay. cool.

    Wrick/Rick – both actually and a few others too probably – back when giving out your name on the net wasnt a good idea, i had some other nicks (nicknames). as time moved along it became more acceptable to use your own name. i was already used to nicks tho and as i tried to get closer to my own name i went with Wrick because a Rick was often already on a site – like a mail art community etc. – and only one name was allowed at that time in a community. at first there werent many Wricks… and then after a little while of course there were lots of Wricks and so on. . . now as a result of my dotcom etc. i’m slowly (yeah, i am slow) moving more and more toward Rick. but i slip into Wrick once in a while too. either will work.

    cool on Bubbler Crabs. way fun. yeah, i’ve seen little crabs that dig holes and make little mounds around them. but not the bubbles – that i remember – may be something similar but not exactly either. it’s fun to watch the crabs run with the tides and dart around.

    cool on your beach drawing. it’s a challenge to photograph it, yes. even this last time i picked up a new drawing tool (a beach twig) and drew with it for a while then realized i wanted a smaller twig. i tend to pocket these kinds of tools when i like them… but sometimes forget to bring them the next time.

    your drawing and poem have a great message point. one i agree with altho the alternatives do not seem to be simple. still… if we can put music, the net and a camera – among other things – into a phone that fits into a pocket. . . yeah, it seems like we aught to be able to figure this oil thing out.

    the hawaiian culture has a saying that says we face backward into the future. meaning we can not see into the future but we can see into the past. which also means we are blind going into our future… altho with that concept it seems to me we should be able to learn from our past a little better than we do sometimes and at least go into our future with a little more appropriate behavior. human beings being as we are… sheesh, we can still keep trying tho, yes?

    i’m reasonably sure that at some point i’ll post some of the recent beach drawings in some way. i’ll try to let you know when i do.

    i’ve done other beach drawings and worked with them in various ways. i probably have some of the older works on this computer. i’ll post a few sometime. or… may be… let me see…

    okay. here are two on my dotcom:

    thanks for linking me to yours. i think there are a lot of ways we can work on and with the beach – ways that hopefully leave the beach much as it wants to be… aloha – wrick/rick

    1. They’re absolutely fantastic – your sand images and words. I don’t usually manipulate photos but I can see the advantages for that type of thing. I might have to get my sticks and twigs out the old back pocket – haha (or get the kids to do some stuff too). I like that Hawaiian saying about facing backwards into the future – cool. Cheers Gabrielle.

  4. Your wonderfully clever crab haikus bring a smile to my face and these fascinating creatures scuttling straight into my mind’s eye. We walked from Sunshine Beach to Coolum whilst on holiday recently and came across a huge crab scuttling long the shoreline – as the men got near, he turned to face them, raising his considerable claws in that ‘Now this is a weapon!’ way – wish I had had my camera with me! Congrats on the publication of these lovely word pictures, Gabrielle 🙂

    1. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that bluebee – would get me running in the opposite direction. But it is also really weird when you see a thousand tiny crabs enmasse, moving like a carpet over the sand – my little girl was not impressed the first time she saw that! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben – it is a bit like that – the hard work washed out each day, but the joy in the doing, not the end result (whether crabs actually enjoy their life work, we’ll never know – never seen a crab smile 😉 )

  5. Okay, I’m seriously loving this news! My day could not get any better! HUGHUGSHUGSHUGS! You are talented and should be read A LOT. Congratulations my comrade in poet arms. 🙂

  6. This is so very well-deserved Gabrielle. I’m only a once-nominated Pushcart poet, so I hope it’s OK that I comment here. 🙂

  7. Congratulations!!! I love both your words AND the photos … you’re taking on both artistic formats and doing such beautiful work in both! 🙂

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