Jonathan Crossfield has provided an update ofย his Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers .

He has tweaked and twiddled with the methodology to get a more reliable ranking. If you are that way inclined you may want to hop over to his blog CopyWrite for a thorough explanation of these methodological issues.

I am happy to announce that my blog has moved into the top 50 at rank 37 (from my outsider position last year of 51 – sounds a bit like horse racing doesn’t it) -yabbadabbadoo!!!

The wonderful Graham Nunn from Another Lost Shark has glided past me in the murky waters of this river of blogs to rank at 22 – that’s another yabbadabbadoo!!!

20 thoughts on “Top 50 Australian Blogs for Writers (update)

  1. way cool and of course aloha too Gabrielle. as a horse race… and may be a – Top 50 AB4Ws – i think Yabbadabbadoo sounds like a great horse to be riding. cool on that. and congratulations too.

    1. p.s. bwahahahahaha – another laughingable moment! i see i’m already in tomorrow-land. or at least …according to my post date here. cool and happy Thanksgiving day on you too (it’s our thanks giving day – that is… my tomorrow will be. . .).

  2. ha & aloha Gabrielle – i find it slightly curious funny that opposite north/south hemispheres mean we are in opposite seasons – winter/summer and autumn/spring – yet the day and time of day is the same from north pole to south pole. it’s always been fun to note that bump of the day change forward from one day to the next flying west, and the backward change flying east across the pacific ocean. fun if you fly on your birthday east, you can get almost 48 hours of birthday. …flying west tho… you can almost skip your birthday completely. planet life.

    1. Haha Rick – I forgot that it is not the North and South that make the time difference (doh!!!!) but rather the right to left and the left to right on this planet. We have a time difference (due to daylight savings) between States and years ago my friends and I would have two New Years celebrations by hopping over the boarder after midnight ๐Ÿ™‚ almost as good as having a 48 hour birthday (but missing your birthday altogether is just not on – haha).

      1. ha. yeah, it’s easy to get my head twisted around on that time zone stuff too. i figured you knew.

        people on the mainland USA have a hard time understanding how far away hawaii really is – hawaii doesnt change clocks like most of the mainland so from the west cost to here is either 2 or 3 hours difference. from the east coast to here is either 5 or 6 hours difference. occasionally someone from the east coast will call at 9 AM their time and wonder why i’m not up. …it being 3 AM my time i like to think that some day i’ll give them a call at 9 PM my time which will be 3 AM their time and ask why they go to bed so early. …i actually have gotten calls like that – but i havnt returned the favor, i’m too aware of the time difference. life.

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