Coming back from our last trip to Brisbane a while back, we popped in to see the swan family in Gympie (Lake Alford) and the babies were starting to lose their down – they looked a bit raggedy but still gorgeous. It was a rainy type day.

They grow up so fast.


Swans a swimming
'you touch my baby, I breaker your face'

Did I mention I love the colour red!
Shake those tail feathers!

22 thoughts on “Baby Swans (Cygnets)

  1. The adults are so dignified and the cygnets do as they are told. I was lucky to have a breeding pair on my farm and was able to observe them from eggs at the nest until they flew away. The nest was a metre amd a half diameter floating twig raft anchored in a ‘drowmed forest’ of melaleucas. A survival technique against eagles was for the cygnets to paddle along on the opposite side of Mum or Dad and when the eagle approached, dived under to reappear on the lee side of the parents.

  2. Now, you just know I love these photographs Gabrielle. I love da boids and you got some excellent shots. I remember when I used to go for walks in a place in Ontario called Wye Marsh and there were seven trumpeter swans who called it home…they were just so beautiful and so are these. Your commentary gave me a much needed chuckle my sweet aussie friend, thank you and hugs. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Val – and if I had a magical wand I would wooooshh you over here, so you could escape from the cold xxoo(we could write a manifesto together on how we are going to rule the world when there is only female leaders – haha).

  3. What beautiful photo’s befitting the gracious birds. True the ‘littles’ are a bit raggedy, but soon that will have disappeared. I just wonder why the young are mostly sitting – is it a defense strategy? Thank you Gabrielle for sharing.

    1. Welcome to my blog adeeyoyo and thank you for your kind comments. I think they sit because it is easier to eat the grass and stuff from that position – probably conserving energy as well πŸ™‚ They are mostly on the water and only came on the land to suss us out!

  4. I love cygnets – they are so adorable. We had some last year in Victoria Park which is the park next to Sydney Uni but I haven’t seen any at all this year. Swans are so elegant – no wonder people write ballets about them!

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