Pension Day

Every second Wednesday,
pension day,
the money never stretches
to the end of the cycle.

St Vinnies hampers take the edge off –
there’ll be enough baked beans,
soap and toilet paper
for the kids,
but you’re not worrying about that,
are you?

Those hampers are missing
the essentials
to get you through
each day.

Johnno got busted with drugs on his plot
so the weed on the cheap’s dried right up.

Chopchop is cheaper than smokes from the shops
but still puts a dint in the dole.

4 litre goonies – they’re big and they’re cheap
and they drown most things for a day (maybe two)

but the funds don’t stretch to a non-stop supply
when there’s 13 days between payments.

Today is pension day,
enough money for
the essentials,
and throw in a carton of long necks
or a bottle of rum –
don’t mind the missus
she’s always whingin’

seems likes more than 24 hours in pension day,
starts early,
but not before midday –
any earlier and your mates would call you a drunk,

first stop
second stop
third stop
Shorty’s place
for some puff
fourth stop
home, to settle in for some serious
no time for eating,

always ending too late
for the wife and kids
and you!

Pension day,
punching day.


Definitions of Australianisms (for my bloggy friends from the North):

St Vinnies:  St Vincent de Paul charity
Busted :  arrested
Weed:  marijuana
chopchop: untaxed/illegal tobacco straight from the farmer
dole: unemployment benefit
pension day:  pay day for those on the unemployment benefits, old age and disability pension
goonie: large cask of wine in a cardboard box (tastes like a cardboard box!)
long necks: large bottles of beer
bottlo: liquor outlet/bottle shop
puff: marijuana