Love the Pelican and we spotted a group of about six at the local estuary last week. Tessa looks like a budding marine biologist (no pressure there girl – haha – that’s what I wanted to be when I left school).

who is studying who!
you lookin' at me kid
this is my good side
What do you call a group of pelicans?



23 thoughts on “Pelican

  1. Would a group of big ‘beaks’ in one place be called a “Bench of Pelicans”?
    Maybe ‘beak’ no longer means a judge to many, so how about a “Peck of Pelicans”?

  2. Lovely photos … they’re such fascinating birds!

    Haha … I always wanted to be a marine biologist too … but then decided to study Environmental Science instead … so I’m still not sure how I’ve ended up working in an office in a completely unrelated field?? One of life’s little mysteries perhaps?

    Take care.

    1. Amazing synchrony Tracey. I read an adventure book series involving deep sea diving and snorkelling when I was a kid (can’t remember the name of the books – two boys, Hal and Roger or something, adventuring) and it got me hooked. I decided not to do marine biology because the only Uni that did it back then was in Cairns and I didn’t want to move that far.

    1. Haha – thanks Graham – it’s so good having a teacher read my blog. A scoop is so apt for pelicans (and journalists). I love collective nouns as well, but was a bit too lazy to work it out myself.

  3. They are such beautiful birds. We get quite a lot of them down on the bay. I think it’s mostly because the bay is directly opposite the Sydney Fish Markets. To me, they are real characters. I always think of them as portly gentlemen, maybe judges. Awesome photos!

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