I am continuing my colour series this week (I got rudely interrupted by black) with the colour blue.

So far I’ve written ‘letter to colour’, then ‘black’, ‘the battle of black and colour’ and ‘red is the colour’.


there are no clouds
to mask the breathing space,
the sun, manic and playful
holds my chin roughly,
forcing my face
to the sky,
look up
animate those dark eyes
break open your gaze,
look up
above the grey tree line,
above the uniform boxes people exist in,
above the forlorn, thin wires
hanging between haggard timber poles,
conducting a well worn tale
of power and currency,
thin wires that
swing ever so slightly
in a quiet breeze
tinged with the residue
of a cold winter,
look up
see this blue sky, so famous
this blue
will never be captured in paint,
never with stage-managed words,
look up
you need eyes
and a luminous heart,
to capture the real blue,