11 thoughts on “Pompadour is a naughty chicken!

    1. There’s a lot of strang looking chickens out there slpmartin 🙂 The Chinese Silky Chicken has the lovely pompom (well suppose to) and is often a ‘show’ bird – not that I could be bothered doing that – they shampoo them and blow dry their feathers and shine their fee with vaseline – haha.

  1. I am sure you spoke of it before. only now my eyes actually see that.
    woman, that is one strange and beautiful thing. it gives eggs? you eat them?
    O man. where do I get one?

    1. I’ve written about them a few times and ages ago I put up the video of the 5 hens https://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com/2009/12/16/chinese-silkie-chickens-video/

      We get about 3/4 eggs a day from the 5 hens (they take turns laying eggs so as not to wear themselves out) and we always have too many eggs so we trade with the neighbours for home grown tomatoes, avocadoes, beans (whatever is in season). You can buy silkies in a lot of countries – really cheap – about $10 a bird or you buy fertilised eggs and incubate them yourself. They are a smaller chicken (bantam) and are relatively easy to look after but need secure coop at night so as not to be eaten by prey. They need to be able to dust bathe during the day, so need access to dirt/sand to roll in 🙂 and space to roam.

  2. WOW hahahaha that is a really fine capture of those beautiful silkies, and so cool to hear their (and your) voices in it, really great piece for short video!

    1. Did that one ages ago, Pompadour is even bigger and fluffier now (that’s what happens when you are the bossy one – you get all the food and pork up a bit) – just started sticking videos on youtube – thanks tipota 🙂

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