3 thoughts on “Warren Zevon ‘Excitable Boy’

  1. BUT it is a GREAT SONG! Hi Gabrielle. There has got to be another video by someone not guilty of infringe infractions. Hmm. What a concept. LOL.
    I look forward to your next choice. “Wicked laughter” sounding in the background of this written text.
    Oh I don’t know if you’re interested but streaming online tonight –7pm here in the US midwest–KKFI is sending up LA Theatre Works version of War of the Worlds complete with Lenoard Nimoy! LOL-peraphs I ought to post this? huh–go figure—but for some reason I thought this might interest YOU! HI.

    1. I hadn’t realised the connection was deleted 47whitebuffalo until your comment. I put up this song before I read your blog with all the songs (it would have been a strange choice – bwahahahaha) – I will put up one though:) and link it back to you. You pegged me right – my first album (which I won in an art competition for drawing a space ship – haha) I owned was ‘War of the Worlds’ – I love it still.

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