Ha! Just found out that I’m 51 in Jonathon Crossfield’s ranked list of Top Australian Writing Blogs – so just missed out on the top 50. Don’t know whether this is a good or a bad thing.

The formula for ranking these blogs comes from the three most commmonly used methods of blog tracking; Technorati, Google PageRank and Alexa rankings.

I’m very happy to see my mate Squires at number 16 – his blog gingatao is right up there even though he has morphed into another dimension (probably an angel but we can’t rule out frogs, wombats or honeyeaters). I still like to visit gingatao and hope the blog never disappears, but nothing in this life is guaranteed – I know that much.

30 thoughts on “Top 50 Aussie Writing Blogs

  1. Congrats on the ranking…of course the only reason that I can think of to explain why you’re not number one…is blatant favouritism on the part of the judges. 😉

  2. Well, I’m going to make sure you’re in the Top 10 for next year.

    And I think Paul is a bird of some sort. I’d like to think a honeyeater, they are very jolly spirits. It is good to know his work is still being recognised.

  3. That’s so very wonderful Gabrielle … No doubt you’ll be topping that list before long! 🙂

    … How wonderful that Paul ranks so highly … I still visit his blog from time to time as well.

  4. Hi Gabrielle. I agree this is a great list and I’m very proud to be on it too. However, you might have noticed that it hasn’t been updated for over a year now (Last updated: September 26th, 2009). I think that is partly because it is a huge, manual effort for Jonathan to calculate this each time, but the updates seemed to stop just after Technorati had a major revamp of their “authority” metric which really messed things up for millions of bloggers (including me – like many bloggers, my “authority” was set down to “1” (lowest) and has stayed there ever since. Nothing seems to shift it.) Without a Technorati metric that makes sense any more, I can see why Jonathon would not want to do another update. Just guessing, of course. I should probably ask him 🙂

    1. Thanks Graham. I think technorati had a bug which has been sorted out. The problem might be that you changed the name of your blog – did you register the new blog with technorati? The old blog would stay at 1 because all the action is on the new blog and technoratic is based on movement (links, hits etc.,). I’m pretty sure that Jonathon plans to update the list soon – sure I saw him tweet that not long ago. It’s good that he uses 3 sources of rankings to make an index of sorts.

      1. Yes, I did change the name of the blog – set up an entirely new one, in fact, and yes, that meant I was starting from scratch on the new blog, but then, after building up a respectable score again, the new blog got clobbered and is now stuck at 1 permanently. I’ve talked to Technorati but they are as confused about it as I am. If Jonathan does do an update, I will probably drop off the top 50 because of this, which is very frustrating since my blog is much more popular now than it was last year.

        1. I’m sure technorati will sort out these issues. Scores do seem to jump all over the place (more so than you would expect based on the monthly recalculations that they make) and their search engine is shocking – when I search for the name of my blog it doesn’t come up unless I don’t use any spaces – wtf! Let’s hope all these things are fixed ASAP.

  5. Congrats Gabe! I too hope that gingatao never disappears, but agree that nothing in this life is guaranteed. One thing I know is it’s impact on me will be everlasting…

  6. that is wonderful news gabrielle, congrats! and so nice for paul, who i miss so much, but i think as long as traffic continues to gingatao it wont disappear, and i
    remember paul had a story about blogs left behind, i’ll see if i can dig it out of my emails and send it along

    1. Even if his blog disappeared tipota there will always be a copy of one point in time (as it was archived in the Pandora project) – not sure how that works exactly. There are so many complicated issues regarding what happens to electronic publications on the death of the author – I might have to do some research (‘better get a lawyer son, better get a damn good one’)

  7. Congratulations! How wonderful that you have poetry lovers finding you and I’m sure that you will be climbing the list and how fine that Mr. Squires’s audience is still growing, too. Writing is a timeless thing.

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