Michael’s Birthday Countdown

Michael’s Birthday Countdown

This is just a bit of fun (I try not to take myself too seriously) written with my son Michael’s voice – it’s 4 sleeps now.

Do you remember your 10th birthday?

I remember when my brother, two years older than me, turned 10 and I thought it was the biggest thing ever.

Michael’s Birthday Countdown

Five sleeps to the day
when I go from single
to double digits


this is big
it’s huge
extraterrestrially phantasmagorically


it’s hard to sleep
with the anticipation

I’m tingling inside
with vibrations
of expectations

an exclamation
marks the spot

31 thoughts on “Michael’s Birthday Countdown

  1. “it’s huge
    extraterrestrially phantasmagorically”.
    Don’t kids just love those words! I wish you a great Michael’s birthday too!

    1. Thanks Ben and gros bisous d’Australie Γ  votre famille πŸ™‚ (used Google translator – haha, cheating and probably incorrect). Michael has been making paper balloons all morning (draws them, colours them and cuts them out to pin on the wall) – he cut the ‘string’ off one accidentally and said ‘that’s ok, it is now a ball’ πŸ˜‰

  2. just full of that feeling, remember? just bursting with excitement! ‘sleeps’ made me laugh, thats how time is measured ha ha, great one gabrielle!

  3. Lovely poem by a wonderful mum for a splendiferous nearly double digit boy of ten! Happy Birthday Michael, make the biggest wish and eat lots of cake! πŸ™‚

  4. Happy b’day Michael! For my tenth we had a party and my brother, aunty and a gril who lived behind us all dressed up like kiss and we mimed a concert. The photos of that still make me smile! For the record, I was Peter Criss.

  5. Wonderful!

    10 did feel like a very big year – that single to double digit is a big change!

    I think my 10th birthday was spent at a Pizza Hut birthday party – you know, back when they still had a dine-in restaurant – all the kids had their parties there. πŸ™‚

  6. I felt very important when I turned 10. It is such a grand-sounding age. And the double digits make you feel very significant as a kid. I hope Michael has a fantastic day!

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