sounds of rain

sounds of rain

tin roof makes raucous
the clatter of rain

turning up the volume
on stark imaginings

machine gun fire
terse lull
machine gun fire

shredding peace,

better to walk
with the rain

listen and feel
leaves, sand and dimpled sea
embrace the rain
in accord

a song
with softer notes

takes the edge off,

creating harmony.

27 thoughts on “sounds of rain

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  1. “leaves, sand and dimpled sea
    embrace the rain in accord”
    Most people don’t know this. Rain at sea calms the surface dramatically.Ye s, rain in nature is a gentle thing, well expressed!

  2. I recall the sound of the rain on the tin roof when I was a child…I thus find in a very soothing sound even to this day….I loved the way you described the sand as well as the rest of the poem.

  3. I like the contrasting emotions created depending on where you listen to the rain. My friend has a house with a tin roof and my imaginings definitely are stark when I sit under it in the rain. It’s like hammers in the head.

    Walking in the rain is so much gentler. There is a cleansing aspect to it. Very nice!

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