Swanning around Lake Alford

Swanning around Lake Alford

Tessa and I were in the Australian country town of Gympie the other day and stopped at beautiful Lake Alford. We were delighted to find two adult Black Swans with their adorable babies (cygnets). Apparently, going by the info in the sign, the Black Swan is the only black swan in the world and Australia only has black swans (bit of a tongue twister – haha).

Here are some photos.

Don’t know how old that sign is.


Swanning in formation.

Spring relaxation.

Good to see shared parenting.

They came running up to us when they got out of the water.

I was looking down at my camera and when I looked up this big swan was a foot from my face – bit scary that!

The swan is such an elegant bird.

Tessa and I both love red! This is Tessa having a chat with some sort of duck.

This is not a swan!

25 thoughts on “Swanning around Lake Alford

  1. Swans remind me fo my farm with 15 acres of wetland with families of elegant (as you said) swans and signets every year! They build a huge floating nest!
    However I can asure you, that although the little bird in the last picture may not be a swan, she is no ugly duckling either!

    1. Wow, that farm sounds wonderful – I’m so jealous (I would love nothing better than being on acreage with a large dam or lake) – a floating nest! Great idea to stay clear of land predators like cats and foxes. I did not mean to imply that the last bird was ugly 😉 just that I didn’t know what it was – maybe you can help me identify it Stafford?

  2. That duck was saying,” dont worry I dont even know what milk
    is and i Quack am happy Quack.”
    Maybe they should change the name of your country to
    Blackswanna 🙂

  3. Glad you didn’t get bopped from mother bird. A mother blue jay dinged my head kamikazi style once as I was admiring her off-spring.

    Was standing there puzzled at the presence of a solitary little bird, and was even saying outloud, “whose little bird are you?” When ka-pow! Was definitely an ouch of a moment!

    What a swell place! Australia is so beautiful, a black elegant swan kinda place.

    1. It is so demoralising being wopped by a bird Aletha (what did I do!!!! – in spring we have magpies and ploughers dive bombing everyone (one of the things I don’t like about taking a walk or bike ride this time of year) and they are so fast – you need to take defensive action (bike helmut or carry an umbrella)

  4. Swans are very beautiful birds – but they have a raucous voice and can be very bad tempered. Where I live there is a ‘herd’ of them (more like a herd than a flock) in a neighbouring pasture that’s usually inhabited by cows or sheep. It’s quite surprising seeing this large mass of bright white creatures. Sometimes they’re dotted amongst the sheep – from a distance can only tell them apart from the fact that the sheep aren’t as bright white as the swans. Needless to say, we don’t have black swans here (yet).


  5. I am more worried about geese than swans. Geese are incredibly bad-tempered and will actually chase you. Swans are so elegant. It is no wonder they are associated with things like ballet. Your photos are brilliant. The cygnets are adorable. All fluffy. I love how they swim in a line!

  6. beautiful creatures gabrielle, wonderful photos. it reminds me of one of my favorite stories as a a kid, ‘the ugly duckling’ about the swan baby taken in by a duck mama, and the little baby swan was big, clumsy and awkward compared to its ‘siblings’ but then surprised everyone by growing into a majestic and lovely swan.

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