Brisbane River

Brisbane River


Brisbane river isn’t petite and pretty
like the Cam of Cambridge

he won’t invite you
to gondola

won’t even tell you to take a hike
you are the cliched flea on bear

he’s got the monumental on his mind
how to shoulder bash Moreton Bay
day after day

how to carve out a name for himself
in ancient sediment
with no sentiment

he won’t care if you
go under.

39 thoughts on “Brisbane River

  1. I love how you attach a persona to non human things. I read this twice and I could see this river as a very diminutive man with a crooked smile, sharp eyes and an attitude. This is perfect Gabrielle. πŸ™‚

  2. i love it Gabe,
    i love rivers, my favourite form of water.
    i read a Brisbane’s river poem before, i will never forget it.

    your last couplet took me there straight.

    rivers have characters. you drew this one beautifully

  3. “Won’t care if you go under!” Whoooo… I got that feeling too and have not taken Tiziana in there (yet). And after reading that, might give it a miss next voyage too.
    She has sailed to Hervey Bay though and was happy there! πŸ™‚

  4. the mighty brisbane river… crossing it each day is a highlight. did you know you can gondola on it now? pretty cool too!!!

    1. Haha – Graham, I bet those gondolas are a little different than the Venetian version. I used to get the ferry (the older style ones which aren’t around anymore) from St Lucia to West End years ago to get to work – loved it, specially on a misty morning.

  5. I like how you’ve personified the river in an almost mythological way. It is powerful and unconcerned about the fate of humans. The ‘ancient sediment’ is absolutely perfect.

  6. Wonderful! I think a lot of people underestimate the power and potency of the Brisbane River … I watch those strong currents swirl the waters from my office window, there’s certainly no way I would be able to match them. I’d ‘go under’ rather quickly I suspect.

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