Val the vlogger

Blogger, poet, writer and wise minstrel Val Russell posted a challenge on her blog – to write serious limericks – ha! I hear you say, how can this be – a contradiction in terms. The very nature of the limerick is leaning to bawdy and fun. But she was right on the money and after receiving a number of limericks from poets and writers in her blogosphere, Val has vlogged (a vlog is just a blog that is videoed – no flogging involved).

We now refer to Val as our resident Town Crier – hear me! hear me!

The town crier

A blogging broad called Val
sang out with a challenge to sell
post a limerick today
must be serious I say
then I’ll vlog you all – fair thee well.

Below is my more serious contribution dashed off rather hurriedly.


old waves crash on down round my feet
smell of salt crusted shells, oh so sweet
it’s the passing of time
long gone days, thoughts sublime
my breath and my heart skip a beat.

Thanks Val – that was a lot of fun. We wait in anticpation of the next challenge – bring it on town crier.

17 thoughts on “Val the vlogger

Add yours

  1. Thanks again Gabrielle for your spectacular Limerick and your wonderful words in support of me as a town crier. I like that job description :0 Now, I’ve just got to plan the next one… 😉

  2. It’s cool to collaborinflate
    on gentlemanising our old silly gaits
    Great to see Val and pals
    waxing lymerical…
    But you can’t be serious mate!

    Sorry I’m late.

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