Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

step into the hot shower
lather your body with fragrant soap
cleanse your hair with shampoo
soften with conditioner
apply styling gel
for that must-have straight look
hairspray to keep it in place

clean your teeth
mouthwash is good

make-up that face
smooth on skin tone matching foundation

powder puff away the shine

artistically define with eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara
bringing out your eyes
brush on flushing rouge
slap on liquid red lipstick

paint with matching nail polish

slip into dangerously high heeled
polished shoes
and little black dress
dry-cleaned to perfection

atomise intense perfume

ready, let’s go party

don’t explode
with that

chemical cocktail!


Another contribution for Organic Fortnight – couldn’t resist a poem. See Crafty Green Poet for further details.

32 thoughts on “Cocktail Party

  1. As I began to read through the poem… I kept thinking this does not sound like a poem that Gabrielle would write…ah but then I reached the final lines….now that’s the Gabrielle that I know. 😉

  2. That is a kicker of a poem and it really tripped me up.

    I used to get a kind of sick feeling from the smell of the
    hairstyling/beauty shop my wife and kids used to go to. Just the smell lingering on them bothered me,I never went in.
    Well I dont have that problem anymore because the lady that cut their hair died of cancer.

    1. Oh dear! I’m glad I tripped you up – haha. I also hate the smell of those nail bars (where they do the nail polish and pedicures) as you walk past – that must be a hazardous profession, even with the barrier masks on to ‘protect’ the workers – they’d be high on the fumes as well – puts a new meaning to glue sniffing 😉

  3. Oh that’s fabulous!!

    We sometimes forget the incredible process and chemical layering that many people go through all in a day of getting themselves ‘presentable’.

    The older I get the less I want to be subjected to such toxins … natural and organic is definitely the way to go! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tracey. The older I get the more sensitive I am to chemicals and strong smells like perfume – I get a headache when I walk down detergent isles in supermarkets. Before I didn’t really think about that stuff.

  4. Don’t forget the botox that’s waiting to implode. And the collagen implants. Some people are walking time bombs. I LOVED this. I was on the bus the other day and the woman next to me had so much make up and perfume on she was creaking. The stench was unbearable. I actually thought I would have to get off the bus. Where oh where did we get the idea that that is beauty? Givce me au naturel any day.

    1. Hahaha – you have put an image in my head of exploding implants and botox! Too much perfume is not good – now I can only handle the smallest amount without breaking out in a rash and getting a headache. Autistic kids generally hate strong smells so I became very aware of not using much when Michael went to an autism school – now I just think it’s better all round to limit the amount (just for special occasions).

  5. Timely reminder that all that smells nice might not be good for you. You really do put words together in a powerful way, GB. Who knows the time bombs we activate every day!

  6. I could feel the hives rising on my skin with each line. This was a very itchy poem for me Gabrielle and we are indeed swimming in chemicals. Another savvy poem my dear. Oh yeah, there is some broad over at my blog who keeps posting videos and you won’t believe it, but this time she’s reading Limericks and spreading the rumour that you wrote one of them! 😉

  7. Surely Tessa wasn’t your inspiration….. welcome to the life of a teenage girl & beyond…………but let us not forget the boys, who are up their necks in it as well, but carefully rebranded as men’s products. I had crimsafe put on downstairs , so I could open the windows after the teenage male applies his Lynx prior to school – the smell permeates everywhere.

  8. animals (the cats especially) dont ‘get’ perfume, they’re like “eeow stay away from me”. in fact the stinkier the better as far as they r concerned. yet i wondered yesterday as i bent to sniff the sweet scent of a rose. but i cringe at cold showers, even tho most of the country homes in greece i stayed at didnt provide hot showers and i got used to it when i was there. anyway, the steam from the hot shower makes the smoke alarm go off. what a pain. screeeeeeeech and i have to get out all dripping, close the door, turn on the fan, its so alarming ha ha. we have building code regulations that require a smoke alarm to be placed in every room. i know i know its for safety but i find it to be as invasive as implants. explants. hidden cameras are worse than botox ha ha, in fact if there werent so many of them maybe no one would care so much about how they look. but thats off the subject-this poem made me grin

    1. I’m sure the cats prefer the human, rather than perfume, scent – they say that all cats have aspergers (there is a book with that title – and all dogs have ADHD – haha). I hate cold showers – unless it’s the middle of summer. We have similar rules about fire alarms but I took the batteries out of the one in the kitchen cause it kept going off – it’s still safe as it’s an open plan house and the others around the house would pick up smoke fumes. I don’t know how you got onto the topic of hidden cameras tipota – hahahaha!

      1. state enforced smoke alarms seem related to hidden cameras somehow. stretching the point i know but somehow…..i think that little red button they use to ‘test’ the alarm, its a camera lens. and its not really about safety, its just to make it easier for spies. why else would they insist on one in every room? hahahaha
        oh they are annoying. the ones i have, the newly regulated model, you cant take the batteries out, no, they are hooked into the general electrical system. not only that, but the batteries are there just in case the electrical system goes out. and even worse, you have to climb up to the ceiling to replace the batteries every few months, and are signaled to do so with an unnerving highpitched beep. it always happens in the middle of the frikkin night too.
        do they have any such regulations for lets say refrigerators or lights? like its ok if you lose all your food or break your leg falling down the stairs in a blackout but god forbid the toast getting overcrisped

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