Cocktail Party

step into the hot shower
lather your body with fragrant soap
cleanse your hair with shampoo
soften with conditioner
apply styling gel
for that must-have straight look
hairspray to keep it in place

clean your teeth
mouthwash is good

make-up that face
smooth on skin tone matching foundation

powder puff away the shine

artistically define with eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara
bringing out your eyes
brush on flushing rouge
slap on liquid red lipstick

paint with matching nail polish

slip into dangerously high heeled
polished shoes
and little black dress
dry-cleaned to perfection

atomise intense perfume

ready, let’s go party

don’t explode
with that

chemical cocktail!


Another contribution for Organic Fortnight – couldn’t resist a poem. See Crafty Green Poet for further details.