17 thoughts on “Free-range Emu

  1. Just joking – these two are wild birds who were just passing through town on their way to the adjacent National Park. This is a spare block of land next to our house (no neighbours – yeeha!)

  2. Haha … lovely photo!

    … though I must admit emus often freak me out … I think I must have had a bad encounter with one at a zoo as a child … go figure! 😉

    1. Emus can be pretty dangerous – I remember when Lone Pine in Brisbane had the emus just running around with the people and one jumped on the back of my classmate – she was alright but got a hell of a scare! Now they are in a separate enclosures.

  3. what beautiful creatures! i’d love to have them wandering about, the closest thing we have are canadian geese. huge flocks of them settle on one of the nearby beaches. i love to watch them, the way they walk, the curves and lines of them. but they arent loved by the tourists because of the droppings they leave. but you cant help but marvel when they fly over

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