As is his right,
King Tide gorges regally on sand dunes, stolen
in a raid, long ago by a tough rabble of thieves
spinifex, pigface, sheoak
to name just a few of the shameless hoarders
sand          is land, precious as the water we drink
sand          reclaimed as land for thousands of years past
sand          lost to sea in the now and the future
King Tide retreats, dark glistening robes flowing closer to his heart,
smug satisfaction of the winner with a belly full
of treasure.

29 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. Despite the impressive showing of Narelle McCarthy (Greens) on Saturday, scoring 18% of the primary vote, the message that most of SE Queensland is on a plain that would be esten away by tides if sea levels rose, say a metre, seems to go unheeded.

    Your poem said to me it has begun. King Tide will conbtinue to gorge and will not be satisfied with one bellyfull!

    Welcome back, you were missed. LOL.

    1. Thanks Stafford – lucky you’re on a boat! I’ve been on the net looking at the models for ocean rises of 1 metre, 2 metres etc., for the whole world – scary stuff – my town would be gone with a 1 metre rise (probably 1/2 metre), but even places like Brisbane and most of the coastal towns would be stuffed.

  2. cool poem.
    I googled spinifex before I looked at the comments but
    I figured all those were plants.
    How is the no-dairy girl doing?

        1. Fingers crossed – today she was counting the number of days on the diet (as if she is sure it will end at the end of the 6 weeks – but we’ll deal with that when we know for sure that dairy is the real culprit).

  3. wonderful poem gabrielle, i can relate, our coastlines erode, cottages that were once a safe distance from the shore topple over and crumble, here we have beachgrass, wild sweetpea, rosa rugosa and another funny guy named dusty miller to name a few of the flora who dig in and try to hold on

    1. Thanks slpmartin – it does need to be read aloud this one – like a story (most of my poems are stories in one form or another). I love the way you write your poems inspired by the photos – it’s such a good idea to help with ideas and to get out of a rut by thinking laterally.

    1. Thanks Ben. What you say is lovely and so true and my poem is a bit misleading in that the sand taken from one end of the beach often ends up not far away – down the other end of town, the sand has been getting moved there and the beach is getting higher and higher. If there are floods the sand from the estuary from the other end of town will flow out to sea and end up on the beaches (hopefully ours soon).

  4. dear gabrielle,

    i like the poem structure, and it struck an idea in my mind. there is a rectangular void space right in the middle of the poem appearing like a keyhole for the treasure chest. what a clever way of an idea. i believe, that treasures were not defying the laws of nature. treasures will always be hunted for, and when it is hoarded, remains to be hidden, buried all along in its secrecy. its a continuous cycle of opening and hiding such like putting a key to reveal the contents of the treasure chest.

    wonderful write!

    1. Thanks hames1977 – I love what you say about the continuous process of hiding and opening etc., Wouldn’t it have been great if I could have got the wordprocessor to do the real shape of a keyhole – haha.

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