Photo c/o Benedicte Delachanal

My Canadian friend, blogger and artist Benedicte Delachanal sent me a photo to inspire some poetry. Here is my poem in response. My children helped with the brainstorming! You can go to wikipedia if you want to hear the song of the cicada, but I’m sure you all know what they sound like.

Song of the Cicada

Some creatures sing until they die
the cicada being one

blase insect
indifferent to fate

singing is what matters
to the cicada

to live life crooning
among the strawberries
in spring, then
chanting in the summer
resonating through the heatwaves

reverberating in the garden forest
like the wind on the sea in a shell

one is joined by many
and a choir of cicadas
roar their pleasure

feel their song
vibrate to the centre of your being