Photo c/o Benedicte Delachanal

My Canadian friend, blogger and artist Benedicte Delachanal sent me a photo to inspire some poetry. Here is my poem in response. My children helped with the brainstorming! You can go to wikipedia if you want to hear the song of the cicada, but I’m sure you all know what they sound like.

Song of the Cicada

Some creatures sing until they die
the cicada being one

blase insect
indifferent to fate

singing is what matters
to the cicada

to live life crooning
among the strawberries
in spring, then
chanting in the summer
resonating through the heatwaves

reverberating in the garden forest
like the wind on the sea in a shell

one is joined by many
and a choir of cicadas
roar their pleasure

feel their song
vibrate to the centre of your being

33 thoughts on “Song of the Cicada

  1. love your poem and the descriptions of their different sounds!!

    For me the pleasure of their deafening song –
    the signal that summer’s here
    and winter’s long gone

  2. I love the sound of the cicada song…

    There’s something so magical about that chorus of noise which you’ve captured beautifully in your words.

  3. There is something so joyful about a creature whose sole purpose is to concentrate on singing. That I should live such a life….

    Often in summer I do feel the cicada song vibrating. It is odd and comforting at the same time. You’ve captured the way it is exactly.

  4. A timely and wonderful reminder to live! We silly humans spend so much time preparing for the unforseeable and old age and death we forget to sing.
    ‘one is joined by many’. Do you ever wonder how they stop and start together? A conductor? Keep conducting GB. LOL.

  5. One might confuse the cicadas for those people who live their life singing the same old song…never learning new tunes or words…and have the same end as the cicadas. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoyed thinking about your fine poem.

  6. Our Maryland cicadas sound like electricity buzzing.

    I’ve got to read your poem to our cicadas, the ones that sing so cheerfully outside my window. They sing continually to me, reading poetry to them seems only fitting. And cicada poetry is, of course, their favorite genre.

    Do you have any cricket poems? For the one who sings to me in my car….

    1. A cricket in a car – ha! That could get quite loud with the car acoustics ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had a gecko in my car not long ago – peeped out from behind the sunshade. I love crickets. Don’t forget it’s winter here so you are stretching my imagination Aletha (which I suppose is a good thing – exercise for the mind – but I’m lazy)

  7. Bless my Mum for being so understanding when I was a teenager. I went out to the yard every evening and caught the cicadas in their shells as they were climbing up the fences and trees, then I would hang them on the curtain in the laundry, collect them in the morning and release them with their wings still wet back into the trees. Sometimes I would score a black prince or a yellow mundi and I would take them to school and squeeze them to make them croak unless they were lady cicadas in which case they would just pee on me. haha!

    1. Hahahaha – thanks for that lovely memory Brad – I think Mum’s have to put up with a lot of insects and things (frogs, toads, tadpoles, geckos)in the name of exploration and all things science. It’s a scary thing checking kids pockets before putting them in the washing machine.

  8. I was listening to the cicadas,
    j’รฉcoutais les cigales,
    unaware of this virtual song,
    sans entendre ce chant virtuel,

    quelle surprise ce matin,le silence…
    plus de cigales au jardin
    elles sont toutes dans ton poรจme

    What a surprise this morning, silence…
    no cicadas in the garden
    they all are in your poem

    thank you Gabe

    1. I’m jumping up and down with excitement upon reading your poem/comment and wishing I could speak Frence better (well I can read it but you would cringe with the inaccuracies) – this is so cool, the image of the cicadas jumping from your garden into my poem – hahahahaha!!!!!! Thank you Ben for expanding my mind and making me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. reverberating in the garden forest
    like the wind on the sea in a shell

    Absolute perfection in those two lines Gabrielle. I also loved the photo Benedicte provided. This was a wonderful collaboration and I hope you do more of them!

    1. Thanks Val – the 2nd line is almost a cliche, but I gave it a tiny twist to change it slightly, so I’m very happy with it. Prompts are a good idea to get you thinking outside your normal stuff – though it would appear I have rebounded right back to one of my usual themes (ain’t that the way – haha).

  10. I heard a sillion of these singing last night. When en masse in yard full of large old trees they’re intimidating.

    Btw, Gabrielle, I think it was you who first gave me a heads up on the movie The Cove–about the mass killing of dolphins in Japan. Caught more about the film on the radio this morning and posted about it. Thank you for turning me onto the film and the ‘issue’.

    Hope all is well with you.

    1. Ooh – I’ll pop over now – thanks for the heads up 47whitebuffalo. Yes, enmasse the cicadas do sound a bit threatening – I watched a suspense thriller once (an Australian movie) which used the cicada sound to great effect as a backdrop to a murder.

  11. i like this poem, the silence and only the song of the cicada can be heard. i admire cicada, and their profound existence to croon in the night brings a concerto of the finest in its nocturnal environment. i am a bit going philosophical as i find the cicadas analogous to human in real life. some of us are called to- in what others may call as simple task, but i just realized, big or small, we need to do the best out of it. for we are a part of the whole. without it, is incomplete.

    thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

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