Name the Chook House?

Name the Chook House?

Well, I don’t know about you but I need some cheering up and there’s nothing like chickens to cheer a person up (except maybe champagne, diamonds …) .

I have 5 Chinese Silkie chickens, lovely ladies who free-range in the backyard. They are the spoiltest beasties you could come across. I have written about them in Chook Induced-Anxiety (CIA) and The Sequel.

Vegemite, Miss Eagle, Snowy, Pompadour, Henny Penny

Recently, due to some minor incidents involving tripping and holes in the ground, my husband decided that my chooks had too much room to roam – outrageous, I know!!!Β  So the mean bas…d decides to partition the backyard, leaving the chooks with half their previous space. The coop has been moved to the far end of the garden and a wire fence erected to keep the fluffbuckets from destroying the whole backyard. The chooks are now sharing space with my citrus trees and worm farm. Unlike my hubby, I don’t mind a messy backyard – I told him it’s the utility area and does not need to be immaculately manicured (he’s spiffy like that). I like mulch everywhere and the chook poo is fertiliser for sandy soils. Just wear boots and you’ll be fine.

Chicken Coop

Anyway, the chicken apartheid has been implemented and this new section of the garden is going to be mine, all mine (and the kids of course) to do with what I will. I’ve even ordered one of those hand pushed lawn cutters so I won’t scare the chickens with a noisy mower – hahaha!

Now, I want to name the coop or maybe the whole section of the garden. I want to know if any of you wonderful readers have any ideas for names. We’ve come up with some (Silkie Haven, Chook chalet etc.,) but the more in the mix the merrier.

Then I’m going to get a sign made up to hang at the entrance.


chicken apartheid

45 thoughts on “Name the Chook House?

  1. Hi Gabe

    I have only one suggestion ‘Shirl’s Shack’ of course. How are you all going? Study is progressing, drop me an email sometime. Hugs to the kids


  2. Well, clearly if they are Chinese silkies, it should be the imperial palace (perhaps also known to your spouse as the forbidden sh*tty)


  3. Oh I love the chooks AND their lovely house … I hope they’re going to be OK with their new backyard restrictions. As for a name … gosh, I’m not sure … feeling a little uninspired tonight. I’d probably go for something like ‘Chook Chateau’ or ‘Feather Fort’. πŸ™‚

  4. Hard to top Miriam’s idea there, their being Chinese, and the new restrictions being forbidden, and their general inclination to be shi….

    However, anyway, you could use Le Bosquet (it worked for Pierre Bonnard) but you’ll have to ask Benedicte what it means.

    Fortunately for the birdies, what with all those feathers growing out of their heads in such close proximity to their brains, they’ll not being doing the math and ‘ll never know what apartheid took from the chooks.

    It was Paul’s Chinese silky Chicken poetry and the intense (!)jealous anxiety it caused me as a hamster connoisseur that first provoked our friendship!

    1. Does it mean ‘the grove’ (computer translator). They are pretty stupid these chickens I must admit. I remember it well Aletha – I was taken aback by your comment and just had to have a look at your hamsters. I said to Paul ‘we better be careful or people will think we are in cahoots’ and he said ‘isn’t cahoots a great word’ – hahahaha. That’s when I decided to become his unofficial publicist.

  5. Watch him carefully, or hubby may look to an offshore solution next. Nauru, perhaps? As les girls are so distinguished, what about Le Palais des Poules? Incidentally, where did you get that gorgeous chook house?

    1. Wonderful suggestion Chartreuse. I got the coop online – can’t remember now – some Australian company – it is quite light (I can lift the whole thing and move it myself) which makes it easy to clean. There is a lid on the side section which lifts up so it’s easy to collect the eggs (they lay the eggs in the top half where it is dark and private). If I remember I will tell you.

  6. Just going by the dictionary, all I could come up with was the “volaille vivarium” but it’s quite a mouthful.

  7. Chook house is outstanding!!!!
    For a better home they could not want. I think the area is large enough to secede from Aust. & can become it’s own Republic. Vive Le Chook ( not to be confused with Cook in reference to your first response. )

    1. Bit like North Queensland Hey! I should be grateful I have the action man to build all this stuff – you must come and visit Jane and send me some photos of your chooks. I’d love a duck or two but they are real messy – I’d have a whole farm yard of animals if I could but Shirl would go ballistic.

  8. I am too late for the contest?
    Because of the name of Pompadour and the great look of these noble chicks you could call it “le petit Trianon” Trianon
    specially built for Pompadour near Versailles.
    They have a really nice place to stay!
    I saw “le bosquet” suggested, I found “grove” as a translation, never heard that word! A ” bosquet” is a group of trees and shrubs, much smaller than a wood. Many county houses or restaurants are called “le bosquet”.

    1. Never too late for you Ben. I can’t believe that place was built by a Gabriel for a Pompadour – haha. I have bought a book about that Madame de Pompadour (she was quite a lady), but haven’t got round to reading it yet. Thank you for the link. A grove in English is a place for lots of trees, especially fruit trees.

  9. I think their house looks like a cubby so I go for something like Cubby Cluck or a variation on that. In the movie Chicken Run some of the chooks had been in the airforce and they wanted to call the henhouse’644 Squadron, Poultry Division’ which I always thought was pretty funny. maybe you could call it Chook HQ!

    1. I will make a list and pass it by the kiddliewinks – they get voters rights of course. I do like ‘Imperial Palace – forbidden sh*tty’ – originally it was going to be Little Red Hen House. Now we are spoilt for choice. I should ask the chooks too, of course πŸ™‚

  10. My girlfriend really wants us to have chickens in our garden but I’m just concerned that they will tie us down too much with having to tend to them twice a day.

    Your photos do make it all look very appealing though! πŸ™‚

    1. I love my chickens James but they do tie you down a bit – opening the coop in the morning and closing it at night, cleaning coop, changing feed and water every day. The free free-range eggs are great but it is a commitment and you will need to do some reading on how to look after chickens. And of course having chickens can lead to great anxiety as outlined in my story chook-induced anxiety – haha. I worry most when the storm season is upon us!

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