Well, I don’t know about you but I need some cheering up and there’s nothing like chickens to cheer a person up (except maybe champagne, diamonds …) .

I have 5 Chinese Silkie chickens, lovely ladies who free-range in the backyard. They are the spoiltest beasties you could come across. I have written about them in Chook Induced-Anxiety (CIA) and The Sequel.

Vegemite, Miss Eagle, Snowy, Pompadour, Henny Penny

Recently, due to some minor incidents involving tripping and holes in the ground, my husband decided that my chooks had too much room to roam – outrageous, I know!!!Β  So the mean bas…d decides to partition the backyard, leaving the chooks with half their previous space. The coop has been moved to the far end of the garden and a wire fence erected to keep the fluffbuckets from destroying the whole backyard. The chooks are now sharing space with my citrus trees and worm farm. Unlike my hubby, I don’t mind a messy backyard – I told him it’s the utility area and does not need to be immaculately manicured (he’s spiffy like that). I like mulch everywhere and the chook poo is fertiliser for sandy soils. Just wear boots and you’ll be fine.

Chicken Coop

Anyway, the chicken apartheid has been implemented and this new section of the garden is going to be mine, all mine (and the kids of course) to do with what I will. I’ve even ordered one of those hand pushed lawn cutters so I won’t scare the chickens with a noisy mower – hahaha!

Now, I want to name the coop or maybe the whole section of the garden. I want to know if any of you wonderful readers have any ideas for names. We’ve come up with some (Silkie Haven, Chook chalet etc.,) but the more in the mix the merrier.

Then I’m going to get a sign made up to hang at the entrance.


chicken apartheid