The show must go on

The show must go on

The show must go on,

Now I know how Dorothy felt when the tornado picked her up in Kansas and whoooossshed her to the fantastical land of Oz to be with a bunch of witches, the scarecrow, tin man and cowardly lion. Now I know how a cork from a bottle of rum feels when thrown overboard by a pirate (concentrating on the melody of what shall we do with a drunken sailor while scratching his itchyaaarse and dancing with a mermaid of his fantasy), tossed up, down and sideways on the black, tumultuous seas, longing to be safely back in the dry ship cabin. I must be hallucinating, I’m sea-ing a pink snail floating on fairy floss or is it slithering along a shimmering martini, too many incantantations to digest,
never mind that, I can see the washing machine waters beginning to settle, a little, and the sky tonight is red so another day will bring a sailor’s delight of calming seas, for sure
peppermint tea anyone …

he would have it no other way
the show must go on,


27 thoughts on “The show must go on

  1. bunch of witches-made me smile. gladly this encourages me to attempt the brave or call out for mercy, as the case may be. to come to terms with the sadness, and then enfold and unfold finally doing right by honor. which i know will be done.

    wow i was just today remembering this very piece that paul wrote. i remembered seeing “and her wild eyes are framed in purple”, jump out. and “the young man is obviously spending his fathers money” “McPaulus looks at his watch” and here it is.

    thanx gabrielle !

  2. Indeed, he would be sad if the show stopped. It must continue. That’s what the show is for. Beautiful tornado picture, depicted is easier than lived through, and calm seas — I can see them ahead approaching. Lovely.

    1. I stole that off you Aletha – the show must go on – and your wonderful 15+ dedications to Paul is the show going on indeed.I didn’t feel like blogging again but you inspired me to, thanks.

  3. Fantastic Gabe, the show does go on, the spotlight may flicker and shake a little but never wavers from its subject. Love the Paul repost, the words truly echo with intensity.

  4. ‘The show must go on’. Absolutely. Amazing how this piece of Paul’s suggests so many avenues for the imagination to explore. Impressionist minimalist art!

    1. He was a great lover of art and music as well as literature and that is one of the reasons his stuff was so wonderful.’Impressionist minimalist art’ – yes. Thanks Stafford 🙂

  5. writer’s voice is an artificial construct

    Consent is an illusion

    a way of avoiding taking responsibility
    for your power

    Even when they offer their consent, how can you know that they understand?

    Every magician’s voice is an artificial construct
    the code to disentangle filtered through their own languages and needs

    As I’ve been reading various things Paul wrote, I revise my thinking about particular poems and see how he appears to have meant something other than what I heard in my head.

    And so both meanings are there side by side (and myriad others of other readers). Or I’d be more accurate to say: what I think he meant (differing unknowably from what he thought he meant) verses what I thought the poem meant before I discovered this other thing that I thought was what Paul meant.

    There are these marvelous things that Paul meant, and then too there’s the effect his words have (which is quite different, rather powerful and completely unpredictable). Interesting the way he alludes to all that in this post — his being aware of and playing around with the confusion of it. And handing it off. Passing it along. Life continues ….

    Came back for a rereading. — ak

    1. Yes Aletha. The meaning/s are as truth – a mirage, the end of a rainbow that is never reach – a contruct of our own imaginings, experience and beliefs – he knew this, revelled in it and seemed to struggle with it as well, the notion also that the author should somehow be separate from the work and the reality that readers are unwilling to do that very thing and should be left to their own interpretations – they create their own meaning and this is separate from the original meaning/intent of the author (as it must be, there is no other way). I often struggle with this notion myself as I am sure most writers/artists do.

  6. Paul was a supernova of a soul and I don’t think I’ve ever ready anything quite like the magic he created with letters, syllables and sound.

  7. “The Puzzle Box” just arrived today. I never bought it because I figured I had an endless supply of his writing on his blog. Now I’ll just have to go through his book one writing a day. I miss him so much.

    1. So do I 😦 – you’ll get that email from lulu (like from the other side) saying thankyou from Paul and ‘have a fabulous day full of’ etc., I find listening to his vodpod’s helps – like he’s still with us – and they are so funny it makes me laugh.

    1. The last trick of the magician Ms Squirrel. A shock for you especially as your identity is well hidden and no-one knows your email (if he’d had it he would have been bombarding you with hundreds of emails while alive)- haha! See this poem he wrote about you – I was just talking to him a few weeks back about it – he wanted me to join your secret army because I wanted to be a spy – He said he was the chief of secret handshakes; I said I would be 006 (nearly licensed to kill). He was like a big kid sometimes – totally delightful.

      Who built this crazy thing? by Paul Squires
      He looks up. Nothing,
      dear, just playing
      with the trains.
      Serving in Ms Squirrel’s Army,
      Chief of Secret Handshakes
      Yes dear, she says, those were
      the days, now come,
      and eat
      on the balcony overlooking
      a rare and woolly sea
      tell me one time about
      the cunning plan
      which sets us free


  8. I almost couldn’t read it. It doesn’t quite seem real that he is gone. Really, the guy was a genius. In some ways he reminded me very much of Yeats but also occasionally of Spike Milligan with his word play and cheekiness.

    I have felt a little off this week too. I have lost a few people around this time of the year and with Paul as well it has been a week seen through tears. But you are right – the show must go on.

    I miss you Paul. Stir up those angels up there, will ya? They’re far too prim and proper for their own good XXX

  9. I think Val hit the word – Paul was a supernova of a soul. And indeed, the person who ceaselessly motivated and inspired all of us to go blogging/writing/living/loving would not be amused if we stopped. Here’s to Paul, and all the beauty that he created, caused and inspired!

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