Sand Art

Sand Art

crab sand artisan
deftly creates impression
daily Rorschach test

sandy crab canvas
emphemeral art display
vanishes with the tide

slapdash tide washes
abstract works of crab sand art
away forever

I took these photos recently of the holes and sand balls made by the Sand Bubbler Crab at Woodgate Beach, Queensland, Australia.

19 thoughts on “Sand Art

  1. They are amazing. The last two look like real woodcuts. The patterns are incredibly intricate. I wonder if the crabs know how arty they are being when they pop in and out of the sand. Now I want to go to your beach and watch the sand art emerge all day!

    1. They do – the balls can look like dips in a certain light. Tessa is a bit scared of the actual bubbler crabs – one day we were at the estuary and there were hundreds of them moving enmasse, like the beach was a living creature. You must come to visit one day and we will watch crab art.

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