The health kick


in the back of my mind,
on good days,

easily ignored
like a parent’s demands

to not smoke
or drink rum
watch the sun

do you understand


Are you listening to me!

The words flew in and out my ears
faster than batman on speed.

After bad days

the health kick gets up on
centre stage


for fifteen minutes of fame.

12 thoughts on “The Health Kick

  1. this is very entertaining! It made me think about how many people see health as something we have to work at separately by going to the gym rather than integrating into our everyday lives by walking etc.

    Thanks for agreeing to blog something for Organic Fortnight! Your ideas are great!

  2. 15 minutes that is too long!
    Who runs on the beach with his son for …15 minutes?
    Who lingers at the edge of dunes with a cigar in his hand for…..awhlie
    Ta Da!

    Thanks for this

    1. Haha – you know when you’re sick (like with a massive hangover) and you feel like you’re going to die – that’s when you think maybe you should make an effort with your health – these feelings pass 😉

  3. Although not overweight and relatively fit – I am a big, big walker and yoga-er (is that a word?) – I am a terrible sugar junkie. I love my Diet Cokes and my chocolate. I wanted to be a pastry chef when I was younger so I do a lot of baking that is not always too low in fat. It is my one big vice. But you know what? It’s better than shooting up. I’ll give my little inner health kick it’s 15 minutes then go back to my chocolate pudding. Yeehaaa!!!

    1. You can be a yoga-er if you want 😉 I’m sure Selma that you are a lot healthier than many people – you don’t even drink alcohol (and I’m sure you don’t smoke do you?). Sugar is fine if you’re not overweight and dark chocolate has many health benefits (high in antioxidants, good for coughs – haha) – and coffee is good for asthma! (not that we were talking about coffee).

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